Donated Equipment Procedure

All equipment, including vehicles, received through donations immediately becomes the property of NSHE. Please follow these procedures to ensure all policies are followed.

The following documentation is required and must be submitted to the Auxiliary Services property inventory clerk within ten days of receipt of the donation.

  1. A copy of the TMCC Foundation Donor Record and Gift Contribution Form.
  2. The receiving department's cost center, unit, fund, function, and program worktag.
  3. Submit all paperwork from the donor that is related to use, disposal, etc.
  4. All vehicles that are received must have a signed certificate of title, a scrap certificate of title or the manufacturer's donation documents. A signed credit card voucher, payable to the DMV, is also required; charges are currently $40.25.
  5. A smog certificate is required for all vehicles at the time of the donation. Vehicles that don’t pass smog are not able to be donated. An annual smog certificate is required thereafter.

If your equipment fits the requirements set forth by the Board of Regents fixed assets policy, you will be contacted by the property inventory clerk to schedule a time for an NSHE inventory sticker to be affixed. Your equipment will be recorded on your fixed asset report and is to be treated the same as purchased equipment.

Note: out-of-state vehicles require a VIN inspection that will be set up by the Auxiliary Services property inventory clerk and University Police Department.