Program/Unit Review (PUR)

The program/unit review (PUR) is an academic process designed to guide a program’s/unit’s continued development and improvement. Every five years, faculty complete a comprehensive self-study of their programs (degrees, certificates) or units (e.g. related courses, or contribution to general education) where they examine program curriculum, describe program improvements as a result of program learning outcomes (PLO) assessment, analyze student enrollment, achievement trends and equity gaps, and develop a five-year strategic plan with resource requests towards improving student learning and achievement.

PUR self-studies are completed in eLumen.

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  • Completing PUR Self-studies in eLumen 
  • Accessing PURs in eLumen for ASA Member Review

PUR Handbook

For a detailed description of the PUR process, view the Program/Unit Review (PUR) Handbook.

PUR Schedule

PURs are submitted in the fall of each academic year according to the 5-year PUR schedule.
Self-studies are due to the academic dean by December 1 (or the next business day).

Annual Progress Reports (APRs)

PUR self-studies, including five-year plans and resource requests, are reviewed by the academic dean, Academic Standards and Assessment (ASA) Committee, and Vice President of Academic Affairs. Departments or units follow up on PUR recommendations and progress on their 5-year plans in Annual Progress Reports (APRs).

APRs are due to the academic dean by May 1 (or the next business day).

Past PUR and APR reports are archived by the Assessment and Planning Office and available by contacting us.