General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs)

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General Education at TMCC provides a coherent curriculum that consists of a foundation of interrelated academic and applied experiences. We introduce students to diverse ways of thinking and of understanding the world around us. General Education includes courses focused on communication, critical thinking, diversity, information literacy, people and cultural awareness, and quantitative reasoning.

GELO Achievement

The GELO Data Dashboard provides an annual update of GELO achievement across the College.


Includes the ability to listen, speak, and write competently so as to gain skills to interact effectively with others; and to read with comprehension.

Students will:

Spoken Communication

  1. Background Preparation: Develop a central message and support it with credible evidence.
  2. Preparation for Performance: Organize content for a particular audience, occasion or purpose.
  3. Delivery: Demonstrate performance skills with a focus on organization and delivering content that content for a variety of audiences and occasions, and/or using technology as appropriate.
  4. Critical Receiver: Critically evaluate the speaker’s central message and use of supporting materials.
  5. Monitor and Adjust: Identify and incorporate audience feedback.
  6. Collaboration: Apply leadership, interpersonal, and/or collaborative strategies that improve communication.