General Education Learning Outcomes

Truckee Meadows Community College strives to establish and implement a broad educational foundation that integrates a body of knowledge and skills with study of contemporary concerns that are essential to meeting individuals' social, personal and career goals.

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They include diverse ways of knowing—that is, the factual content, the theories and methods, and the creative modes of a broad spectrum of disciplines and interdisciplinary fields—as well as emphasis on the basic skills of discovery, integration, application and communication.

The abilities people need to participate successfully in this complex and changing world are identified within our General Education curriculum. These abilities emphasize our common membership in the human community; personal responsibility for intellectual, lifelong learning; and an awareness that we live in a diverse world.

General Education at TMCC provides a coherent curriculum that consists of a rigorous foundation of interrelated academic and applied experiences that introduce students to diverse ways of thinking and of understanding the world.

General Education Learning Outcomes Assessment Dashboard

The General Education Assessment dashboard provides an annual update of general education learning outcomes (GELOs) assessment data that have been collected across the College.