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eLumen is TMCC’s assessment management system, which facilitates collecting, aggregating, and reporting student learning outcomes (SLO) assessment data and housing program/unit review (PUR). Other capabilities include rubric development, curriculum mapping, organizational planning and reporting, and reporting for accreditation.

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Assessment in eLumen

SLO assessment data are collected in "Scorecards" and reports are completed as “Action Plans” in eLumen. eLumen is designed to collect direct student-level assessment data across all course sections. It is important to plan for this when your course is scheduled for assessment. The Assessment and Planning Office will create “scorecards” with approved course and education learning outcomes for you according to your department’s 5-year course assessment schedule, which is maintained as a shared document. Please contact the office prior to your scheduled assessment.

eLumen is role-based. “Faculty” complete assessment Scorecards for their individual course sections and a “Course Coordinator” identified by the department completes a single course Action Plan (CAR/GEAR) based on aggregate data across sections. “Department Coordinators” (chairs) and “Division Coordinators” (deans) review submitted Action Plans. Assessment data and Action Plans remain housed in eLumen for future access and review. PURs remain in eLumen as well.

Semester 1 – “X” on your 5-year course assessment cycle
Faculty collect individual student assessment data by completing a Scorecard for their course section.
Semester 2 – Report
A Course Coordinator completes an Action Plan (CAR/GEAR) describing assessment methods, aggregate results, and plans for improvement that is discussed with department faculty and reviewed by the department chair and dean.