Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series

Haunted House at Night

Find Your Truth Regarding the Other Side

Explore the possibilities of the paranormal in a safe, accepting environment. Develop your intuitive abilities, investigate unusual venues and learn about your actions over past lives.

It's always a fun time that I look forward to every year!

Teri R.

Classes are held throughout September and October 2019 in Reno, Nevada.

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2019 Nevada Ghost and Paranormal Series

17 Most Haunted U.S. Locales
Janice Oberding
Enjoy an eerie evening hearing about the tales and histories behind America's most notorious haunted sites. These prisons, hotels, plantations, homes, businesses, cemeteries and even a lighthouse are rife with reported paranormal activity and data collected over the years. Delight in stories about resident ghosts, restless spirits and apparitions. Discuss the Lizzy Borden axe murders, the hauntings at the site and whether she really committed the heinous crime.

Cemeteries and Tombstones Tour: Comstock Graveyards
David Davis
Better understand life during the Comstock era by learning to decode the hidden meaning of headstones, their symbols and more. Guided by a local historian, stroll Virginia City’s Silver Terrace cemeteries as well as the graveyards in Gold Hill and Silver City, dating back to the 1860s. Find out why smaller cemeteries, differentiated by affiliations and religions, exist. Plus, gain insight into these sites that once were lush Victorian grounds where locals congregated and enjoyed like our parks today. If you've attended before, join us and hear about new research about area gravesites. Receive a 50 page handout regarding tombstone symbols and area history.

Embrace Being an Empath
Santa Diaz
If you're a sensitive, empath or intuitive, discover why you are here to transform the planet. Through using your natural abilities, learn how to incorporate them into your life whether it's to become a healer, connect to guides and angels, manifest your desires or create a peaceful personal space. Find out how you can cause a ripple effect of positivity with your family, workplace and community. Practice exercises for grounding so you can absorb calming Mother Earth energy for protection, for wellness and for feeling energies.

Ghost Hunting 101: Union Brewery
Janice Oberding
Enjoy investigating this Virginia City haunted gem. Learn about ghost investigation tools and techniques during an introductory lecture, then put them to use while combing the Union Brewery's basement. The brewery building, destroyed by fire in 1875, was rebuilt in 1876 and was one of the city's longest continuously operating saloons. Your instructor, a pioneer in this field, will share different types of investigations and hauntings, as well as how to establish a team protocol and prepare for a hunt. Learn about ghost hunting’s origins and early paranormal researchers like Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Several ghosts are known to inhabit the basement, including ones not so benevolent.

Ghost Town Ghost Hunt: Pine Grove
Paul Lindemuth
Pine Grove’s mines, which opened in the 1860s near Yerington, produced 8 million dollars in gold and silver ore, and once was home to 600 people. Conduct a paranormal investigation at several buildings, including the old hotel, the remnants of a stamp mill and its cemetery. Explore the techniques and challenges involved in outdoor ghost hunts and learn about necessary safety measures when wandering historic sites. Discuss and witness the use of thermal imaging, digital recordings and environmental measuring equipment. Plus, find out how to mitigate false positives from the wind, noise and weather.

Past Life Energy
Gail Hansen
Better understand this concept and how it incorporates the past, present and future. Find out where these energies come from, why they exist and how you can tap into the fascinating information they present. Discuss the benefits of learning about your other earthly existences and how they can provide you with an outlet to better knowing yourself spiritually. Past lives can explain that instant connection you have with someone you just met. Find out how Akashic Records, your Contracts and Agreements, and other spiritual resources connect with your past life energy.

Psychic Ghost Hunting Tools
Pride Hansen
By controlling your chakras, or energy centers, you lessen the distance between the physical and spirit realms to conduct a more personal investigation. Develop a precise and informational awareness by learning how to enhance and set energy, and find out how to protect yourself in any situation. Increase your confidence about seeing, sensing and the ability to know with a certainty. Imagine the freedom of conducting an investigation with nothing more than a flashlight.

Tarot Cards
Robbie Lunt
Explore the use of tarot cards, in existence since the 15th century, and find out how they can be used as a path to self-realization. Discover what its images and patterns can reveal, while you learn to recognize the flow of energy around you. Discuss how to read a single card, three-card and five-card spread. Emphasis will be on the classic Celtic cross. You are encouraged to bring your personal tarot with you.

I look forward to TMCC's Paranormal Series every year. It just keeps getting better!

Cristi M.