VUB Academic Offerings

Academic Skills Development

Brush up on your academic skills for college success. VUB provides a day and evening schedule of instruction and tutoring to refresh and develop your skills in math, English and more.

VUB staff will tailor a program of skills development based on your test assessments, educational, and career goals that addresses your individualized needs. VUB has flexible learning options and will make every effort to arrange instruction and tutoring that can accommodate your schedule and time commitments.

Books and Supplies

There is no tuition cost to VUB participants. Books and supplies are provided by VUB. Books need to be returned at the end of each semester or when the student terminates participation in the VUB Program.

No Credit is Earned

Classes are not for credit nor are they transferable; they are an opportunity to refresh and develop the academic skills required for success in college. Students who successfully complete the classes will be awarded a VUB Certificate of Completion.

Student Evaluation

Evaluation is based on attendance and performance. No grades are given.


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