ADN Handbook, Section 6: Graduation and RN Licensure

Nursing Pin

Graduation Pinning Ceremony

The TMCC Nursing Pinning Ceremony is held to recognize those students who are graduating with the AS Nursing degree. The ceremony is held on an agreed-upon date by the faculty and graduates.

The TMCC Nursing Pinning Ceremony is a College-sponsored event, and must comply with all College policies and requirements regarding events held on campus. The ceremony is held in the V. James Eardley Student Center.

Students may invite as many guests as they desire, subject to the maximum room capacity. The Nursing Director may invite other attendees. Room fire code restrictions and capacity issues will preside if more attendees are present than can be accommodated.

The ceremony celebrates the accomplishments of the students in the presence of families, faculty, and college administration. The highlight of the ceremony occurs when the nursing pin is affixed to the graduate’s clothing. Nursing faculty will pin the students. The Nursing Program pin identifies the student as a graduate of the Nursing Program at Truckee Meadows Community College. 


Licensure as a Registered Nurse

Nursing Program graduates are eligible to apply for licensure in the state of their choice. TMCC's Nursing Program must be notified if the state is not Nevada, since each state has specific criteria for licensure eligibility requirements. Some graduates elect to take the NCLEX licensing examination in Nevada and then apply for out of state licensure. It is the student's responsibility to contact the state of their choice to ascertain eligibility requirements. Graduation from an accredited program is only one of the requirements and does not mean automatic licensure as a nurse.

Graduates should be aware that the State of Nevada licensure application contains five questions which may impact their ability to obtain licensure in Nevada. These five questions have to do with:

  1. Revocation, denial, or suspension of a license or certificate,
  2. Conviction of a criminal offense,
  3. Problems with drug or alcohol use,
  4. Treatment for mental illness, and
  5. Physical disability which could impair ability to practice nursing.

For further clarification, students/graduates should contact the program director or the Nevada State Board of Nursing at 702-486-5800 or 1-888-590-6726 (toll free).

The Nevada State Board of Nursing has information on criminal convictions for people interested in a nursing career in Nevada.