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Survey Research

A wide variety of survey research is provided for employees of the College. Faculty and staff have utilized the our office to create and disseminate needs assessments, opinion surveys, industry studies, and outcome assessments.

Conducting a survey? Institutional Research can help you!

Graduate Outcomes

The intent of this survey is to assess the satisfaction of graduates and their educational experience at TMCC. Questions were designed to elicit information related to general instruction, educational atmosphere, technology-oriented education, degree-related employment and college services. The Graduate Outcomes Survey is administered as a part of the application for graduation.

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Graduate Follow-up Surveys

A one-year follow-up survey is sent to TMCC students completing an associates degree or certificate during the academic year (Summer, Fall, and Spring degree earners). The intent of this survey is to gain insight regarding graduates opinions of TMCC, their employment status, and the degree to which students attribute job attainment and/or advancements to their TMCC studies.

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Community College Survey of Student Engagement (CCSSE)



TMCC Campus Climate Survey