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TMCC Data Dashboards

The links below take you to TMCC's institutional data.

The Fall 2018 Weekly Enrollment section is updated on Fridays until the term begins. The remaining dashboards will be updated following each Fall and Spring Semester, and currently include enrollment trends, student demographics, measures of student success and measures of institutional effectiveness. 

For additional data not available here, or with suggestions on how we can make the dashboards more useful to you, please contact us.

Weekly Enrollment

The TMCC Weekly Enrollment dashboards compare enrollment metrics for the upcoming term to the same point in the enrollment cycle during the prior year (often called a "year over year" comparison). This data gives us a way to measure our progress going into the term, allows us to do preliminary estimates as to what our enrollment will be at census and gives academic departments the data they need to inform curricular decisions.

Spring 2020

Fall 2019

Enrollment Trends

The Enrollment Trends dashboards provide historical data on enrollment by our local high school graduates, headcount and FTE at TMCC by term, and section count, fill rates and average class size by course. These metrics can be disaggregated by division, department, mode of instruction, and campus location.

Student Profile

Three years of student age, gender, residency and ethnicity data are displayed by term in this section. To further refine the dashboard, use the educational goal, student status, and credit load filters.

Student Outcomes

The Student Outcomes dashboards provide metrics on persistence (the rate at which students return one semester to the next), course pass rate, and degrees awarded. The dashboards allow for disaggregation by gender, ethnicity, and age range. Selection of division, program, mode of instruction, educational goal, credit load and student status values allow for further refinement.

Institutional Effectiveness

We promote "Institutional Effectiveness" when faculty, staff, and administrators are provided with quality information that allows them to carry out effective planning and informed decision-making. The dashboards in this section were created for that purpose.