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MyTMCC Tutorial Videos

MyTMCC Basics
This short tutorial shows you basic system navigation and how to locate information in the MyTMCC portal.

Locating Your Student ID Number
You can find your student ID number by logging into the MyTMCC portal. Follow this short tutorial to see the steps necessary to locate your Student ID number.

Changing Your Password
This presentation covers the steps necessary to reset your TMCC password, retrieve your username and set your security question.

Enrolling in Classes
This audio tutorial will guide you through enrolling in classes.

Searching the Class Schedule by Location
Some TMCC classes are offered at campuses other than the main Dandini Campus. Use this tutorial to learn how to search for classes by location.

Accessing Your TMCC Class Schedule
You can access your class schedule easily through the MyTMCC portal.

Accessing Charges Due
This short tutorial will show you how to access your current charges due and any details about those charges.

  • Making a Payment Online
    Did you know that you can make a payment online? This short tutorial guides you through the steps of making a payment via MyTMCC.
  • Setting Up a Payment Plan
    Follow the steps listed here to learn how to set up your payment plan.

Generating Your 1098t Tax Form
You are now able to print your current 1098t Tax Form online. Please follow the steps in this short tutorial to access your 1098t Tax Form.

Accessing Your Academic Advisement Report
This tutorial will guide you through the steps to access your Academic Advisement Report (AAR).

  • Creating a "What-If" Report
    Ever wondered what classes you would need if you changed your degree? This tutorial will walk you through creating a "What-If" report to see those classes.

Dropping a Class
This short tutorial guides you through the steps of dropping a class.

Direct Deposit
Setting up direct deposit is easy. Here are the steps to set your checking or savings account up for direct deposit.

Declaring a Degree
Learn how to change your degree or emphasis.

Transcript Evaluation Request
After submitting official copies of your transcripts, you must also fill out this form. Watch this video to learn more.