NSHE Applications

Faculty and staff at TMCC have access to the applications described on this page, as well as other computing and software resources including Citrix, a hosting program for Information Technology's applications.

NSHE Mainframe Applications

All users of the mainframe applications must complete an Application for Mainframe Account with their respective institution.

If cross-organization access is being sought, the application is to be completed on the institution's form for whom access is sought. For example, if a TMCC person is requesting access to UNR, then the TMCC person should complete a UNR application.

  • The application must be reviewed and signed by the user's immediate supervisor.
  • The prospective user must also sign and date the application and sign the NSHE Computing Resources Policy.
  • The application will then be forwarded to the appropriate mainframe application coordinators for review.
  • Signatures of the applicable application coordinators is obtained on the application.
  • Upon receipt, the security coordinator will create the account.

Keep passwords secure and do not share accounts.

Authorized users are responsible for the security of their passwords and accounts. Because information contained on portable (laptop) computers is especially vulnerable, special care should be exercised. You may not reveal your account password to others or allow use of your account by others (this includes family and other household members when work is being done at home).

Accessing the Mainframe

  1. Click on the QWS3270 Secure icon located in your programs, in the folder called QWS3270 Secure folder.
  2. On the initial setup: if the host name is not already configured, enter "mustang.nevada.edu".
  3. Accept the defaults until you come to the name for the session.
  4. This field is blank; enter whatever you'd like to name your session.
  5. Continue to accept the defaults until installed, and click "Connect".
  6. You will then be prompted to log in to the mainframe.

Resetting Mainframe Account Passwords

Mainframe account passwords can enter into revoked status for the following reasons: an account has not been accessed for over 60 days, or the person using the account entered the wrong password three or more times.

If you have a problem with your password, you should contact IT Customer Service (you will need to provide your RACF ID).

If you are corresponding by email, the email will need to be sent from the requesting person's email account. IT Customer Service will notify the security coordinator.

When a College security coordinator and their backup coordinator(s) are unavailable for an extended period of time, SCS can assist with emergency password resets to an existing RACF userID.

Financial Data Warehouse

Employees may access the Financial Data Warehouse through the System Computing Resources (SCS) website, and need to have access to Advantage.

Accessing the Financial Data Warehouse requires a user name and a password.

  • The user name is the same as their RACF userID.
  • The password is totally independent of their RACF password. Only the employee knows their password; if they forget it, they should contact their security coordinator. The employee can change their password as often as they like, but is never required to change it.

Campus Solutions

Campus Solutions, also known as PeopleSoft, is a student information system. Access to Campus Solutions is granted through the submittal of a Security Access Request (SAR).

If you receive a Windows security login window, and/or an "Authentication Required" window, type in your TMCC network username and password.