NSHE Applications

Faculty and staff at TMCC have access to the applications described on this page, as well as other computing and software resources including Citrix, a hosting program for Information Technology's applications.

NSHE Mainframe Applications

All users of the mainframe applications must complete an Application for Mainframe Account with their respective institution.

If cross-organization access is being sought, the application is to be completed on the institution's form for whom access is sought. For example, if a TMCC person is requesting access to UNR, then the TMCC person should complete a UNR application.

  • The application must be reviewed and signed by the user's immediate supervisor.
  • The prospective user must also sign and date the application and sign the NSHE Computing Resources Policy.
  • The application will then be forwarded to the appropriate mainframe application coordinators for review.
  • Signatures of the applicable application coordinators is obtained on the application.
  • Upon receipt, the security coordinator will create the account.