Other Types of Donations

TMCC offers something for every donor. The variety of our programs and the diversity of our student body provide a wide range of gift opportunities.

You can meet administrators, faculty and students in the areas which interest you, guaranteeing your first-hand knowledge of the people and programs you are helping.

Donor standing with two students

You can celebrate corporations, families, and loved ones with a commemorative gift to Truckee Meadows Community College. Memorial scholarships, rooms, equipment, events, and specific campus sites can be named in honor of a chosen group or individual. Plaques, signage, and certificates list contributors or honorees, depending on the donor's request.

With these lasting gifts, you keep memories alive, have high community visibility, and benefit generations of students.


Since its inception in 1990, the TMCC Foundation has awarded millions in scholarship support to deserving students throughout the College’s programs. This support can be a critical factor in degree completion for many students. Your scholarship support enables students to focus on their academic pursuits while helping to lower the amount of student loan debt they may incur in pursuing their career goals.

Because most of TMCC’s students live and work locally during and after they complete their degree, certificate or program, your investment in students today is also an investment in the future of our entire community.

There are multiple ways to impact students through a scholarship investment. Scholarships can be established as a one-time gift, on an annual basis, or as an endowed scholarship requiring an initial investment of $15,000.

However you choose to support scholarships, the Foundation provides an opportunity to name your scholarship and to help establish criteria, such as major field of study, grade point average, financial need and more.

Annual Legacy Reception

Every fall, scholarship donors are invited to the Legacy Scholarship Dinner, providing a unique opportunity for donors and scholarship recipients to meet and share their accomplishments.


Support of TMCC programs and events in the form of donated services or goods helps the College keep state-appropriated funds in the classroom. Costs for community outreach and public awareness activities can be kept to a minimum through the generosity of in-kind donors.

Your in-kind gifts, from catering services to landscape shrubs, enable TMCC to concentrate its resources directly on instruction.


One of the biggest costs for the College is the need for upgraded equipment in our dozens of occupational/technical programs. Your gift of equipment, whether for an electronics lab or a writing center, has an immediate impact on our instructional capability.

From Culinary Arts to Nursing, from an engine for the Diesel program to a potter's wheel for an art class, College programs welcome donor support.

Computer upgrades are a continual need for most programs.

Contact us to discover how you or your company can become a benefactor to one of our 70 career programs.

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