Injury and Incident Reporting

Injuries, incidents, near misses, and known hazards should be reported to an area supervisor and the EHS Department. This includes any injuries or incidents involving faculty, staff, students, or visitors on a TMCC campus or property or off property if it involves TMCC in any capacity. Incidents also include theft, vandalism, property damage, and vehicle accidents.

OSHA requires reporting work-related injuries that result in an in-patient hospital admittance within 24 hours. Injuries resulting from emergency care are to be reported to the employee’s supervisor and the EHS Department as soon as possible.

Medical Care

  • Emergency Care: If the individual requires emergency medical attention call 911. An ambulance should transport the injured person to the nearest emergency room.
  • Urgent Care: If the individual requires urgent treatment, arrange transportation to the nearest first-stop urgent care. Urgent care treatment can include broken bones, stitches, and other non-emergency care.
  • Clinical Care: If the individual requires non-emergency or urgent care, they can schedule an appointment or walk into one of the approved urgent care providers (worker’s compensation/employees only).

A list of approved worker's compensation urgent care providers is located on the BCN Risk Management website.