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Heat Illness Prevention Program


Truckee Meadows Community College is firmly committed to providing all its employees a safe and healthy work environment, and to see that employees receive the proper training to protect themselves against hazardous conditions found in the workplace. As an employer of employees who are potentially exposed to temperatures at or above a dry-bulb temperature of 90 degrees Fahrenheit, this program has been developed in accordance with NRS 618.383.

The Heat Illness Prevention Programs' purpose is to facilitate the Environmental, Health, and Safety program to ensure that all employees who are potentially exposed to excessive heat while performing essential duties have necessary protections in place to remain safe and healthy.


Acclimatization: The temporary adaption of a person’s body to work in the heat that occurs gradually when the person is exposed to the heat.

Heat illness: A medical condition resulting from the body’s inability to cope with a particular heat load and includes, without limitation, heat cramps, heat rash, heat exhaustion, fainting, and heat stroke.

Personal risk factors from heat illness: Factors that affect the retention of water by the body and other physiological responses to heat, including, without limitation, a person’s:

  1. Age;
  2. Degree of acclimatization;
  3. Health;
  4. Consumption of water;
  5. Consumption of alcohol; and
  6. Use of prescription medications.

Shade: A blockage of direct sunlight.