Hazard Communication Program

Safety and Health Policy Statement

The TMCC Environmental Safety and Health Office's (EHS) mission is to support the Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) teaching and service functions. EHS assists organizational units in meeting their responsibility to protect the environment and to provide a safe and healthful place of employment and learning.


Truckee Meadows Community College is firmly committed to providing all its employees a safe and healthy work environment, and to see that employees receive the proper training to protect themselves against hazardous substances found in the workplace. This program has been developed in accordance with 29CFR 1910.1200 (Hazard Communication).

The Hazard Communication (HAZCOM) Program (the "Program") purpose is to facilitate the Environmental Health and Safety Management system to ensure that all receptacles containing hazardous substances are clearly and properly labeled, that Safety Data Sheets (SDS), Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), or other hazard data are available to all employees in their respective work areas, and employee training on hazardous substances is made available.

Outside contractors and their employees will be informed of the presence of hazardous substances on campus that may be encountered in the progression of their work. Similarly, TMCC employees will be notified or have access to information on the hazardous substances that outside contractors bring to our campuses.

This procedure does not apply to tobacco, wood products, food, drugs, cosmetics, or other items or articles intended for personal consumption or use.

Hazards can be either a physical hazard or a health hazard:

  • Physical Hazard: Any chemical or substance that is a combustible liquid, compressed gas, explosive, flammable, organic peroxide, oxidizer, unstable (reactive), or water reactive.
  • Health Hazard: Any chemical or substance that is proven to have an adverse health effect on vital body organs and systems of any human exposed to it. This includes chemicals that are known carcinogens, toxic agents, irritants, corrosives, and sensitizers.