Instructor Success: Marketing Strategies

TMCC EPIC’s primary student demographics:

  • Personal Enrichment: Women, mid 40s to mid 60s
  • Professional Development: Women 70%/Men 30%, 25 to 40 years old

The most successful class promotions highlight the benefits students will receive from taking your class. It’s also valuable to stress the importance of early registration (i.e. in case your class fills far enough in advance that we may be able to put it in a larger room OR to prevent it from cancelling 3 days out).

Your Bio on EPIC’s Registration Site

Please review your bio. It should contain credentials pertinent to the subject you are teaching, as well as your website and YouTube URLs. Email updates to the programmer overseeing your class.

Your Website

Add information about your upcoming class as far in advance as possible. Include the direct link to your class registration page.

Social Media

Your social media profiles attract like-minded individuals, creating an outstanding opportunity to promote your class. Our most successful classes were posted on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest) by instructors.

Share class information by linking directly to our class registration page. Ask others to share your class information.

EPIC Facebook Page

If you have a Facebook account, please "Like" EPIC's Facebook Page. This way, you can share our posts about when registration opens for each term or special promotional discounts. Our staff plan their posts far in advance and work to promote a variety of programs. Since we offer well over 1,000 classes a year, we cannot create a post for every class.

Event Invitations

Set up your class as a public event and invite people to it. Encourage everyone you invite to invite their friends.

Facebook/Instagram Ads

Facebook allows you to place ads simultaneously on Facebook and Instagram. Instructors have had great results placing $5 to $20 ads to promote their class. To promote, you need to have a business or artist or public figure page. You can target people who like your page and their friends. One instructor ended up with a class of 18 students thanks in good part to a $3 Facebook ad. Ideally, place these ads 3 to 4 weeks in advance of your class start date. If you are placing an ad for personal enrichment, we suggest you advertise only on Facebook. For professional development ads, do advertise on Instagram and Facebook.


Send an announcement to your email contacts to let them know about your class.


  • Send email about three weeks prior to your class.
  • Promote why people will benefit from your class.
  • Include a direct link to your class’ registration page.
  • Always provide information on how people can get off your mailing list.
  • Do not include an attachment on your email; you’re likely to get flagged or red-listed as spam.

Please do not include a TMCC logo on this email as it causes confusion from the community about who sent the email and how they can be removed from the list.


Flyers are best used to hand out when you are giving presentations or have a uniquely suited business/group that you know will let you put out a flyer. You can also turn your flyer into a .jpeg and place it in the body of an email you send out. The trend for flyers is waning. Many people don’t pick up flyers and flyers posted at the college are not effective at reaching your audience. Please include our website URL ( and phone number (775-829-9010) to register.

If you decide to make a flyer, please follow college guidelines: no clip art, but include a TMCC logo and its EEO statement (in small type at the bottom of the page):

TMCC is an EEO/AA institution. For details, visit

EPIC Course Guides

You are welcome to pick up EPIC course guides and take them to presentations you may give or to the organizations you belong to. This helps promote your class and other instructors’ programs as well. Course guides are available in our main office or at the front reception desk.