Budgeting Information


Budget Amendment (formerly "Budget Transfer")

Refer to the Workday Job Aid: Entering Budget Amendments for step-by-step instructions. Use the Budget Amendment for Personnel form to calculate personnel and fringe transfers from operating. Remember to enter a detailed description and memo stating the reason for the transfer; this makes it easier for the approvers to quickly understand what you’re trying to accomplish. Form is routed to division VP or President for approval. For questions, please contact us.

Financial Planning Process

Information on TMCC’s institutional planning process and how resources are prioritized and allocated.

Fund Balance and Reserves Policy

Procedures approved by the President’s Planning Council that apply to self-supporting funds, capital improvement fee fund, contingency fund, and operating reserves.

Host-related Expenditures

Directions on identifying and paying for host-related expenditures.

Indirect Costs Contributions

Information approved by the President’s Planning Council for indirect costs on grants and contracts, and other self-supporting accounts.

Position Opening Approval Procedures (Human Resources)

Outlines the review and approval of new or vacant positions prior to selection and hiring.

Resource Allocation Process (RAP)

Information and instructions relating to TMCC’s Resource Allocation Process regarding requesting and approval of new funds.