Public Health

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The mission of the Public Health (formerly Community Health Science) Programs is to foster the success of each student as they develop the foundational knowledge needed to identify and pursue their educational and professional goals within public health settings.

Through our core curriculum, students will learn how public health is shaped by various environmental settings, behavioral strategies to address public health issues, and the use of scientific method and research-based evidence to assess and communicate community health topics. PBH faculty seek to promote health equity and embrace diversity while preparing students for success and engaging with the community through professional and educational service to improve population health and well-being.

Why Choose Public Health at TMCC?

The field of Public Health is broad, and a degree will afford students opportunities in personal health and wellness, mental health, social and behavioral aspects of health, epidemiology, health care administration, exercise physiology, or environmental health among many others. Many students obtain a degree in Public Health before applying to allied health programs such as nursing, medical, physical therapy, or dental school. TMCC’s Public Health majors offer several key advantages: 

  • Public Health studies at TMCC are designed as a university-transferable degree, accepted at the University of Nevada, Reno as well as most four-year schools in the nation. 
  • The Pre-Nursing track is designed for students to complete their prerequisites for a nursing program.
  • Most courses are offered both in-person and online so that you can choose the options that best support your learning style and schedule.
  • TMCC’s small class sizes give you the optimal opportunity to learn and discuss the material and get the personalized help you need to be successful in college.