Agricultural Science

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The Associate of Science Degree in, Agricultural Science is a two-year transferable program with two tracks, the General Agriculture Track and the Animal Science Track. The curriculum includes core courses in agriculture, math, science and economics. Agriculture is one of the largest employers worldwide, and agricultural scientists are generally well compensated. Agricultural science is critical to maintaining and developing global food systems, and this work takes place in offices, laboratories and in the field. This degree is the start of an educational path that will prepare you for a successful career in a high-demand industry.

Why Choose Agricultural Science at TMCC?

TMCC’s Agricultural Science major offers several key advantages:

  • Agricultural science studies at TMCC are designed as a university-transferable degree, accepted at the University of Nevada, Reno as well as most four-year schools in the nation. We offer two different tracks, General Agriculture and Animal Science.
  • Most courses are offered both in-person and online so that you can choose the options that best support your learning style and schedule.
  • TMCC’s small class sizes give you the optimal opportunity to learn and discuss the material and get the personalized help you need to be successful in college.