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The mission of the Biology Department is to provide students with the opportunity to acquire and apply biological principles and concepts. We strive to provide quality instruction, hands-on experiences in labs, and undergraduate research opportunities to develop a foundational understanding of living systems and the methods used to study those systems. We foster the development of skills in problem-solving, scientific thinking, critical analysis, communication, and the ability to apply that knowledge to problems facing our community and society. Through our core curriculum and wide variety of general education courses, we build scientific literacy for both science majors and non-majors, and prepare students for future careers in the fields of allied health, community health, and natural sciences.

Why Choose Biology at TMCC?

TMCC’s Biology major offers several key advantages:

  • Biological studies at TMCC are designed as a university-transferable degree, accepted at the University of Nevada, Reno as well as most four-year schools in the nation.
  • Most courses are offered both in-person and online so that you can choose the options that best support your learning style and schedule.
  • TMCC’s small class sizes give you the optimal opportunity to learn and discuss the material and get the personalized help you need to be successful in college.
  • Our Biology faculty will mentor you and/or partner with you to do research, projects and more to gain valuable experience and build your resume.
  • We offer students the opportunity to do authentic research in the first two years of their degree.