Non-Union Apprenticeship Information

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The non-union apprenticeship program focuses on ensuring all manufacturing employers in Nevada have access to the information and technical assistance they need to create demand-driven registered apprenticeship programs.

In late 2023, the apprenticeship program was awarded the Building Pathways to Infrastructure Jobs Grant. This grant, Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program, trains apprentices across Nevada, preparing them for high-skilled, hands-on jobs in advanced manufacturing. 

Whether you're an employer interested in filling positions, training current workers through a registered apprenticeship program, or a job seeker ready to earn and learn, you're in the right place!

Information for Students

Combining a relevant education with critical on-the-job experience provides the makings for a successful career. In fact, apprenticeships are the pinnacle of work-based learning opportunities. That's the formula that drives the Advanced Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program.