Faculty Resources

For your convenience, below are forms that faculty often use, some video tutorials, and a few general procedural guidelines. Several of the forms require two-factor authentication in order to complete the link to the form. Click on the link provided and follow subsequent prompts. The form will actually be completed through your faculty TMCC email. For further information about any of these forms or processes, please contact the administrative assistant in your academic department or Admissions and Records.

Note: As we transition to Fluid Search in PeopleSoft, the MyTMCC login will be slightly different from what is shown in some tutorial videos. Faculty should log into MyTMCC (link on the top right of the TMCC landing page), then click on the Staff Homepage (if you also have a student record, click the small arrow next to Student Homepage and then on Staff Homepage). Once the Staff Homepage appears, click on the MyTMCC Faculty Center.


Add/Drop Forms

To streamline the process of adding or removing students from classes in exceptional cases, we have removed the Add/Drop PDF forms from the website for both full and short-term classes and for resolving time conflicts. Instructors seeking to make such changes should promptly contact their department's administrative assistant to initiate the enrollment processes for the student.

Administrative Withdrawal

To be used for short-term classes only. Form must be completed during 100% refund period, is submitted electronically, and requires two-factor authentication. Once required ID information is input, link will be sent to TMCC email address for Administrative Withdrawal form access.  Completed form is sent to A & R for processing. 

Grade Appeal

To be first filled out by a student who is contesting a grade; must be done within 90 days of the end of the term in which grade was assigned.

Grade Change

Form is submitted electronically and requires two-factor authentication. Once required information is input, link will be sent to TMCC email address for Grade Change form access.  Upon completion the form is routed to chair, director, or coordinator, then division dean, and last to A & R for processing.

Incomplete Grade Contract

Form to be submitted electronically by the instructor when an incomplete grade is assigned. Once completed, the instructor, student and division office will receive a copy of the form.

Student Consent for Release of Records

To be first filled out by student requesting a letter of recommendation or other such validation from an instructor.