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Distance Education Special Tuition Rate Request

TMCC offers a special tuition rate for students who are taking web-based courses only and physically live outside of Nevada.

This is a temporary rate and is effective only for the semester you list on the form. You must re-apply for the tuition rate each semester. The Distance Education Special Tuition Rate may change each semester.

If you choose to take any other type of course in a semester it will result in the recalculation of all your fees in that semester to your current residency classification, and you will be required to pay all fees at the recalculated rate. As a result of any recalculated fees, you will be responsible for all fees incurred, which may include but are not limited to payment of Non-Resident Tuition.

Requests for the Distance Education Special Tuition Rate must be received by the TMCC Admissions and Records office prior to the beginning of the semester for which the discount is requested.

Distance Education Special Tuition Rate Request Form

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