PTK Teacher of the Year

The Teacher of the Year is a great honor for both full and part-time faculty, awarded by the students of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK), the International Honor society for the Two-Year College.

Annually, the PTK Teacher of the Year committee accepts nominations from TMCC students, prepares a packet for faculty to complete and selects one full-time and one part-time winner from the completed packets. The winners are notified by the committee with a surprise announcement, receive a plaque during the awards ceremony, and have their names added to the TMCC PTK Teacher of the Year list below.

TMCC PTK Teacher of the Year Award Recipients

Year Full Time Part-Time
2023 Roger Putnam Ryan Wong
2022 Dr. Archana Kumar Dr. Aaron Kenneston
2021 Rebecca Porter Joseph Domitrovich
2020 Scott Holcomb Verla Jackson
2019 Robert Kirchman Michael Leonard
2018 Dr. Meeghan E. Gray André P. Walton, PhD
2017 Steve Streeper Paul Villa
2016 Olga Katkova Christopher Reynolds
2015 Nancy O'Neal Jinger Doe
2014 Angela Adlish Cynthia Porter
2013 Dan Adams Gregory S. Smith
2012 Shannon McCool Dr. Val Haskin
2011 Jeffrey Brasel, PhD Bill Baines (Professor Emeritus)
2010 Heather Graham Williams Tim Alameda
2009 Kurt M. Ehlers Jennifer Wilhelm
2008 Dr. William J. Mehm Jeff Harootunian, PhD
2007 Thomas Cardoza Judith Cook
2006 Patti Sanford Michael Rouse
2005 Julie Muhle Jason Johnson
2004 John Chism Ken Heitzenrader
2003 Ben Scheible Cliff Stratton
2002 Armida Fruzzetti Janet Giddings
2001 Sharon Lowe Cathy Brewster
2000 Mary Stubbs Sherilyn Ostrander-Elliot
1999 William Tell Gifford John Heinlein
1998 Ana Douglass-Lafer Julia Hammett
1997 Linda Stetter Hugh Fraser
1996 Paul Davis Florence M. Picca
1995 John H. Yarnevich Kurt A. Hall
1994 Gail Small Ferrell James E. Roderick
1993 Fred B. Lokken Adrienne Kristine
1992 Bridgett Boulton Karol Walchurk
1987 John Baker (England) Chauncey Oakley