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PTK Bylaws

Article I: Name of Chapter

The name of this chapter of Phi Theta Kappa shall be Alpha Pi Gamma. Alpha Pi Gamma is recognized as a part of the Nevada/California region classified as Division IV of Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society.

Article II: Purpose of Honor Society

The purpose of this chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) shall be the practice of leadership by way of service, academic excellence (scholarship), professional development, and fellowship.

Article III: Membership Requirements and Eligibility

Membership in the Alpha Pi Gamma chapter shall consist of active members, provisional members, alumni members, and honorary members.

Section 1. Requirements and Definition of Membership.

  1. Active Member: Shall be a student who has met the requirements for membership in Phi Theta Kappa as set forth in Article III, Section 2 of these bylaws, and who has been duly initiated into the Honor Society maintaining standards required for active membership as defined by this chapter; or
  2. Provisional Member: Shall be any student interested in being a member of Phi Theta Kappa but not yet met all the requirements of membership as set forth in Article III, Section 2 of these bylaws. Provisional members may not vote or hold office except under special circumstances in which a board position has remained unfilled for at least 6 months. Under these special circumstances and at the discretion of the executive board, a provisional member may hold the open position with the voting rights of the position as an acting officer until it is filled by an active member or the provisional member obtains active member status and can hold the position with full status. Provisional members pay the local membership fee until such time they qualify for full membership. Fees paid will be credited toward part of the chapter dues. Provisional members may be inducted during the chapter’s induction ceremony for new members; or
  3. Alumni Member: Former member of the chapter who terminated active membership in good standing and were enrolled full-time for at least one year in a two‐year college and has graduated or transferred. An alumni member cannot hold an officer position or vote. Alumni members are eligible to join the Nevada/California Regional Alumni Association; or
  4. Honorary Member: Shall be a person, who in the opinion of the Alpha Pi Gamma chapter has rendered distinguished service to the chapter. Honorary membership shall be conferred at the discretion of the local chapter. Honorary members may not vote or hold office nor pay membership fees. Honorary members may be awarded membership at any time and/or inducted during the chapter’s induction ceremony for new members; or
  5. Transfer Member: A member from another Phi Theta Kappa chapter may transfer membership to Alpha Pi Gamma chapter if he or she is currently enrolled at TMCC, meets the membership eligibility GPA of the bylaws of Phi Theta Kappa Alpha Pi Gamma chapter (TMCC), pays applicable chapter dues, and is in good standing with the chapter they transferred from.

Section 2. Eligibility Requirements.

  1. Each candidate for membership must have completed twelve semester hours of 100 level or above classes at any accredited two‐year college, with a grade point average (GPA) of 3.5 or better (on a 4.0 scale), adhere to the school conduct code and possess recognized qualities of citizenship. Grades for courses completed at other institutions will be considered when determining eligibility;
  2. When a member’s GPA falls below 3.0, the student has one semester in which to bring the average up to a 3.0. If the member’s average falls below a 3.0 or is not brought back up to a 3.0 after one semester, the member may be assigned provisional status until they become eligible again for full status. In extreme circumstances, at the discretion of the executive board, a member in non-compliance exhibiting little to no intention to improve their GPA may have their name stricken from the local chapter, as well as the International Headquarters, of Phi Theta Kappa membership. In all cases, documented extenuating circumstances may be taken into consideration; and
  3. Studies taken more than five years ago need not be considered when determining membership eligibility.

Section 3. Enhanced Membership.

An enhanced member is one who demonstrates a marked interest in the activities of the chapter by assisting with various projects through the year, has reached the 5-star competitive edge level, and completed an approved leadership development program. A member striving for enhanced membership will be responsible for keeping a record of hours and submitting the record to be approved and documented monthly at a chapter meeting. Upon approval the service hours will be added to a log maintained by the chapter advisor and/or chapter president. Enhanced members will be allowed the same benefits as chapter officers.

Section 4. Term of Active Membership.

Membership is active while a student is enrolled at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Section 5. Good Standing.

A member in good standing is a member who maintains a GPA of 3.0 or higher (defined in Article III, section 2b), is striving for academic excellence, and adheres to school conduct codes and possesses recognized qualities of good citizenship.

Article IV: Chapter Advisor

Section 1. The president of TMCC must approve selected chapter advisor(s). Chapter advisors may be selected by the president of TMCC, existing advisor(s) or the chapter officers with the approval of the existing advisor(s). If the chapter does not have a current advisor, the chapter officers may select an acting advisor until a permanent selection is made and approved by the president of TMCC.

Section 2. Advisor(s) role and responsibilities.

  1. The chapter advisor(s) shall be responsible for the guidance of chapter activities and shall act on behalf of the international honor society and official college administration;
  2. The chapter advisor(s) shall oversee the completion of the annual report, membership report forms, and membership profile forms required by the International Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society;
  3. The chapter advisor(s) must be present for chapter meetings in which chapter funds are being approved for use;
  4. The chapter advisor(s) will track chapter funds and assist the chapter treasurer with information the treasurer needs to maintain an accounting of funds for the chapter; and
  5. The advisor(s) shall not be a voting member of the chapter.

Article V: Chapter Organization

Section 1. Executive Board. All officers must be active members (defined in Article III, Section 5a) in good standing or provisional if special circumstances exist (defined in Article III, Section 1b).

Section 2. Officers:

  • President
  • Vice‐President
  • Recorder
  • Treasurer
  • Director of Leadership
  • Director of Service
  • Director of Fellowship 
  • Director of scholarship
  • Media Director

Article VI: Election of Officers

Section 1. All candidates for officer must be an active member (defined in Article III, Section 5a) in good standing or provisional if special circumstances exist (defined in Article III, Section 1b), have attended chapter meetings and events regularly or were nominated by an existing officer or advisor or requested nomination from an existing officer or the advisor and obtained approval if they do not meet the full requirements for candidacy. All candidates shall attend the required chapter meetings from the time of their nomination to election.

Section 2. Qualifications to run for chapter president: The candidate must have served as a chapter officer for the prior semester, have an accumulative GPA of 3.5 or higher, in compliance with the campus code of conduct, and have completed an approved Leadership program or course of study. All terms are for the length of one year. A person running for president should not hold the office for more than two consecutive terms. If no member meets the required qualifications, together the current board members can vote to override the ‘required’ qualifications.

Section 3. Nominations for unfilled positions are always open and elections for unfilled positions can take place any time, at the discretion of the executive board.

Section 4. Officer positions that will be unfilled at the start of the upcoming fall semester will be open for election on May 1st during the prior semester.

Section 5. A special meeting of the executive board and active members shall elect any officer.

Section 6. Newly installed officers in a May election for the fall term shall exercise control in their office as of June 1.

Section 7. In any case an officer must resign his/her office, the position is immediately open for election.

Article VII: Removal of Officers

Section 1. If any officer fails to fulfill the role of their office, they may be removed as follows:

  1. By calling a special meeting of the executive board in the presence of the chapter advisor(s);
  2. The officer under consideration of removal, will be provided information on the allegation(s);
  3. After receiving information of the allegation(s), there will be a discussion and all sides will be heard and allowed proper review, and as such the officer under consideration will have ample opportunity to refute any and all allegations, request a continuation for up to 2 days, or allowed the option to resign their position;
  4. After the requirements are met, the removal will be decided by a vote of three‐fourths of those present;
  5. If the officer under consideration has been determined to be innocent of the infraction(s), then there shall be no efforts of retaliation from either the officer in question or the accusing party; and
  6. If there is no infraction other than a role incompatibility and a role more suited for the officer is available, the officer will be allowed the option to assume the more appropriate position.

Article VIII: Meetings

All officers will oversee the activities and information related to their role for tasks, distribution, and sharing, including the presentation of related information at orientation, induction, and tabling opportunities. All officers will engage in teamwork by assisting with the responsibilities of vacant positions to the best of their ability. If an officer is unable to attend to a responsibility due to a scheduling conflict, medical issue or emergency, the officer is responsible for immediately notifying the chapter president, making a good faith effort to arrange for another officer to proxy on their behalf or must reschedule or make reasonable adjustments.

Section 1. President:

  1. Develop chapter goals with the help of the advisor(s) and the executive board;
  2. Oversee and participate in chapter projects;
  3. Preside over all board meetings;
  4. Represent the mission and purpose of the organization;
  5. Oversee the chapters Listserv and correspondence;
  6. Annually: Co-chair the Teacher of the Year Awards with the chapter vice president;
  7. Bi‐annually: preside over the orientation meeting and induction ceremony;
  8. Annually: compile and file international and regional reports as required;
  9. Manage the administrative tasks of meetings, minutes and agendas, in the absence of a recording officer; and
  10. Bi-annually: Report the chapter goals to the TMCC President.

Section 2. Vice President:

  1. Perform the role of the chapter president in the event of the president’s absence;
  2. Annually: Co-chair The Teacher of The Year Awards with the chapter president;
  3. Participate and assist with chapter projects;
  4. Bi-annually: oversee the planning of the orientation meeting and induction ceremony; and
  5. Participate in service activities and oversee service activities in the absence of a director of service officer.

Section 3. Recorder:

  1. Oversee the administrative responsibilities for meetings: minutes, agendas, sign in sheets, bulletin board postings, and making copies for officers and advisors;
  2. Post flyers and distribute information on campus as needed;
  3. Reserve rooms in advance and set up the room for meetings; 
  4. Keep records of all meetings and chapter activities and create a shareable file system in google docs; and
  5. Assist the Media Director with the Lib Guide project.

Section 4. Treasurer:

  1. Obtain budget information and updates from the chapter advisor and keep a record of funds;
  2. Obtain information related to funds provided by TMCC for clubs and organizations and the rules and restrictions related to the use of funds;
  3. Submit requests for funds and attend student government finance committee meetings when the chapter has a request on the finance committee’s agenda; and
  4. Participate in chapter activities requiring payment to oversee the distribution of funds.

Section 5. Director of Leadership:

  1. Perform the role of the chapter President in the event of the President and Vice President’s absence;
  2. Annually: work with the chapter President to review/revise the chapter’s bylaws;   
  3. Provide motivation and promote accountability by keeping track of tasks and deadlines and provide updates at meetings and with reminders as necessary; and
  4. Actively assist and advise the chapter president with chapter goals and projects.

Section 6. Director of Service:

  1. Table outreach and resource events on campus;
  2. Oversee chapter service events; 
  3. Collaborate with the Wizard’s Warehouse and facilitate connections between our chapters service events and the service events hosted by other campus clubs and organizations; and
  4. Promote resources and services provided on campus.

Section 7. Director of Fellowship: 

  1. Bi-annually: participate in an event hosted by another club or organization at TMCC;
  2. Bi-annually: plan two officer fellowship activities;
  3. Oversee member outreach and promote Phi Theta Kappa on campus; and
  4. Initiate relationships with other Phi Theta Kappa chapters and/or Alumni and regional officers.

Section 8. Director of Academics: 

  1. Oversee Honors in Action Projects;
  2. Coordinate the chapter’s participation in the Honors Case Study Challenge;
  3. Coordinate the preparation of awards and certificates; and
  4. Educate chapter members about, academic opportunities and events, TMCC Foundation scholarships, and internship programs.

Section 9. Media Director:

  1. Compile and submit information to the TMCC marketing department;
  2. Oversee and maintain the chapter’s website, social media, and Lib Guide;
  3. Share significant chapter news and events with Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters at
  4. Oversee the creation of flyers, posters, and informational materials; and
  5. Assist the chapter president with the bi-monthly chapter newsletter.

Article IX: Meeting Structure

Section 1. All executive board meetings will follow the general agenda:

  1. Call to order
  2. Roll call
  3. Public comment
  4. Important dates and information
  5. Working items
  6. Items for discussion and/or vote
  7. Approval of minutes
  8. Officer reports
  9. Public comment
  10. Adjourn

Section 2. Quorum

Quorum is granted to any number of officers and members present for a meeting that all other officers have been notified of at least 1 week in advance with an agenda posted 3 days in advance, falls within normal business hours, is on campus and within the usual parameters of regularly scheduled meetings, and is attended by the chapter advisor(s). 

Section 3. Special Meetings

Special meetings shall be called at the discretion of the executive board with approval from the chapter advisor(s).

Article X: Finances

Section 1. All chapter fund allocation decisions will be confirmed by vote and in the presence of the chapter advisor(s) during meetings and reimbursements will only be made for financial expenditures that meet this requirement and are submitted with expense receipts within 5 business days.

Section 2. International, regional and local induction fees are a one-time nonrecurring fee and can be made to the chapter advisor(s) or online at the Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society website. 

Section 3. Financial records of the chapter shall be overseen by the chapter advisor(s), recorded by the chapter treasurer and available for inquiry by chapter officers, as needed. 

Article XI: Amendments and Revisions

Section 1. The bylaws shall be amended and revised annually and submitted by the chapter president to Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society in accordance with the rules required for yearly reporting and to TMCC in accordance with the rules and regulations for campus clubs and organizations.  

Section 2. Amendments and revisions may be made in accordance with regular meeting procedures, and with approval from the chapter advisor(s) at any time.