Commencement Feature: Jordi Cruz Trujillo

Jordi Cruz Trujillo stands for a photograph with a plain white backdrop wearing an aquamarine, baby, and denim blue plaid shirt.
Jared Libby

Inspiration reveals itself to us in many forms. With an open mind and heart, twists of fate breathe purpose into our being. Jordi Cruz Trujillo’s catalyst for unlocking his passion for visual design was simple yet effective. An honest TMCC representative explained our trusted Graphic Arts & Media Technology degree program, where he could learn the skills required to be a professional multimedia specialist.

His imagination could flourish in the classroom, reflecting his unique style in branding, logos, posters, and flyers. Spreading valuable information in polished, creative ways with a prominent mountain trademark fused with our signature TMCC green is essential for communications across campus. It fortified his knowledge of industry standards through a complex medley of requests to tackle. Cruz Trujillo will leave his stamp on the world as a proud first-generation graduate of the Class of 2024, preserving the abilities he’s gained with confidence.

Design Is Thinking Made Visual

Hailing from Spanish Springs High School, a course in graphic design excited Cruz Trujillo at a young age, its limitless, prolific possibilities ablaze in his head with each passing year. By the time the TMCC delegate arrived, he’d been fostering an admiration for the craft. The 3+1 track was the cherry on top. He studied for three years at TMCC and one at Nevada State University and completed with tenacity, earning his Bachelor of Arts in Visual Media. After four semesters, he felt comfortable in this career field. He enjoyed what he did. He reveled in the fluid computer strokes, the mouse acting as his paintbrush in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, the pad cuddling his palm and wrist as they gently swayed, an action aligning polychromatic imagery and words on the desktop monitor. The headphones hugged his ears and played his top songs quietly. Advertising, packaging, and layout influences enveloped him, but he viewed them as compelling snippets of strategic material. How could he leave his spin on the trade?

Destiny dovetailed Cruz Trujillo into an internship with the Athletics Department while stationed in the Marketing and Communications Office (MCO), a star match expanding his qualifications and strengthening his portfolio. Initially uncertain of this pairing as he’s not a massive sports fan, he took a glass-half-full approach. Since joining, he has observed firsthand how the Mighty Lizards play and train and how he can help, a refreshing phenomenon uplifting both parties.

Cruz Trujillo stands proudly outside the TMCC Soccer Field gates, where his stylish windscreens welcome the Mighty Lizards, challengers, and fans.

Cruz Trujillo stands proudly outside the TMCC Soccer Field gates, where his stylish windscreens welcome the Mighty Lizards, challengers, and fans.

“The windscreens were one of my favorite projects I did for the athletics department. I’m very proud of them. Having them in your face when you drive up Dandini Boulevard is nice,” Cruz Trujillo said.

“Sometimes in class, they would mostly say good things about your work, but in a professional setting, there are constant changes they request. Arguing if a design is effective or not has been interesting,” Cruz Trujillo continued.

Thick skin is paramount. Critical reception may sting but does not target your character – it improves your technique. Even on cumbersome days when a seemingly immovable block stood in the way, he refused to fall prey to his brain’s tricks, forging ahead through a sleepless night, determined to finish as family, colleagues, and instructors subconsciously empowered him. Take opportunities to network, make connections, and build relationships.

Voicing his gratitude for those who embraced his higher education aspirations, he thanks Dan Bouweraerts, TMCC Professor of Graphic Arts, who offered exceptional insights for his assignments, and AnnaSheila Paul, Program Coordinator of Visual and Digital Media at Nevada State University, assisting him in securing his position through a glowing recommendation. Of course, he reserves the highest love and respect for his parents, without whom he would not have reached the tremendous academic heights he achieved. As Cruz Trujillo’s future beckons, he intends to elevate his livelihood and caliber with postgraduate goals while evolving into a premier graphic designer with an exclusive crest promoting his independent venture.

“I want to pursue a master’s degree after graduating. I plan to start a freelancing business called PointedHat Studios in the meantime. I don’t know when I’ll launch it yet, but that’s what I’ve been developing in class. When I’m ready, I’ll go with the branding I have,” Cruz Trujillo said.

“When I initially went to college to study graphic design, my focus was narrow. However, drawing for characters and motion graphics is a great way to become more interdisciplinary. I began studying and illustrating more, and we’ll see where it leads,” Cruz Trujillo continued.

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