Shelby Rosebush: Responsible Student, Future Careers

Shelby Rosebush and her fiancé, Douglas, pose for a picture together surrounded by desert landscape.
Jared Libby

One of the fundamentals of a functioning democracy is a body of laws to help govern and protect the civil rights of a country, state, or city’s civilians. That’s why those who practice law arise as arbiters of justice, fighting on behalf of strangers in cases where the stakes are high, each piece of evidence unveiled like a strategic move on a chessboard. We all have the right to an attorney, but do we have the drive to become one? It’s an arduous undertaking. One that will sharpen your intellect and ability to formulate sound arguments dramatically, the reward being a lucrative career refined and imbued with legal proceedings that spotlight human nature’s complexity. But some individuals are up to the challenge, inspiring those around them with their dedication to ethics and the possibility of engaging in life-changing work.

Shelby Rosebush is enrolled at TMCC, studying lawsuits and completing writing assignments that enhance her research skills and test her critical thinking. Enough that she received a prestigious award: the Washoe County Bar Association Paralegal/Law Student Scholarship, reigniting her passion for higher education and gifting her room to breathe financially. Congratulations to this stellar scholar! Let's hear her success story at TMCC, rallying our community and reminding us why we celebrate the opportunities our academic programs offer.

If There Were No Bad People, There Would Be No Good Lawyers

Rosebush was unsure about what to choose for a degree at the beginning of her college journey. She’s far from the only one to do so, and she certainly won’t be the last. While considering her future, Rosebush remembered her interest in the judicial system, a plausible and worthwhile employment track.

As she invested more time in her curriculum, a new aspiration arose. She was dynamite with the written word, composing memorandums and trial briefs while grasping the numerous composition formats, the lifeblood of litigation. The English language suddenly came to the forefront of everything she did, instilling a sense of renewal for her professional dreams. She formulated a plan. After graduating from TMCC, she would transfer to the University of Nevada, Reno, to continue her schooling and acquire a bachelor's in English, specializing in writing and minoring in Political Science. Her ambition was clear, and there was the chance of applying to law school should she feel the urge, grateful for the copious amounts of documents she compiled that shaped her competency as a wordsmith and master researcher.

“This program taught me how to research well. Before, I was investigating at the surface level, especially last semester at the start. I got comments telling me to push my analysis further and ask deeper questions. I have TMCC to thank for that,” said Rosebush.

Criminal and family law captured Rosebush’s attention throughout her tenure in the Paralegal/Law program, a smile inching across her face whenever a crack at crime indictments came across her desk. An avid fan of television shows centering on justice in America’s courtrooms, she thoroughly enjoys feeling like the star of her drama when she delves into the motives behind shady characters. A figurative attorney herself, complete with a pristine suit and an eagerness to yell “Objection!” at the slightest provocation of her client. Most of us have seen how slick lawyers can be on screen.

“I would encourage anyone to do this program. It is amazing! It’s filled with hardworking, appreciative, and supportive professors. TMCC has been a great place to continue my education,” continued Rosebush.

Daydreams aside, she genuinely loves her coursework, and that’s something to be proud of as a pupil across any trade. Domestic disputes also kindle a conviction to support others, with divorces and child custody battles a tragic yet fulfilling use of her virtuosity, attempting to mend broken families and relationships. These topics are universal to legal action against a group or person, and stomaching the rough content requires a certain internal fortitude.

Then she got the call. The Washoe County Bar Association Paralegal/Law Student Scholarship endowment was hers! What a humbling experience that took her completely by surprise. Someone, most likely one of our remarkable instructors, put her name in the hat as a prospective recipient, and when she found out she would be the recipient, she was left speechless.

“Honestly, it came to me at a very opportunistic time. When it arrived, I was in serious need. I work full-time, but I’m also double majoring in Paralegal/Law and English. Simultaneously, all my free time goes to caring for my mom. She recently had a mastectomy for breast cancer. The money assisted me so much in staying afloat and continuing with schooling,” said Rosebush.

Rosebush worked tirelessly, and her efforts paid off. With a 3.9 GPA exclusively in her law courses, it’s no wonder she gained such a meritorious stipend. She encourages her friends and peers who are anxious to complete as many general scholarship applications as possible. Those with even the slightest chance of relating to your degree are worth a shot. If complications arise, you may depend on that extra money for schoolbooks and materials. “It’s beyond valuable to be an insightful student,” said Rosebush.

Elated at what the future will bring, TMCC cultivates students like Rosebush with the spirit to finish their degree or certificate no matter what complications life throws at them. Showing resolve in the face of adversity builds maturity, and we cherish hearing stories about the steadfast who fight for their education every semester. Partnering with devoted academic organizations and generous patrons alongside community pride, uplifting tales like Shelby Rosebush’s will only keep growing.

“My fiancé, Douglas, has consistently pushed me to ensure I do my work. I can procrastinate sometimes! My professor, Jennifer Salisbury, is the one who constantly gives me the best comments and feedback on how I can improve myself, which I truly appreciate,” said Rosebush.

For more information, please visit the Paralegal/Law website.