Rich and Marion Leonhard Donate Equipment to Machining Program

machinists at work
Jeannie Byassie

Rich and Marion Leonhard recently donated two milling machines to the TMCC Machining Program, via the TMCC Foundation.  As CEO and Chairman of Southwestern Industries, Rich is passionate about the machine tool industry and bringing greater functionality down to the shop floor level.  Rich and his wife Marion purchased the machines from Southwestern Industries and donated them to the TMCC to help train young adults for skills-based careers in the machine tool industry.  This donation will have a huge impact on the Machining Program as it will give students a greater knowledge of modern manufacturing technology, and will continue to prepare them for high demand jobs in northern Nevada’s growing manufacturing industry.

The TMCC Foundation offers its deepest gratitude to Rich and Marion for this generous gift and their desire to “pay it forward” and provide TMCC with this state-of-the-art equipment.  Laure’L Santos, Manufacturing Technology Instructor said, “The new machines have the capability of being used manually or as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) units. This flexibility provides students a better understanding of G-Coding, the language used by CNC machines in the machining industry, and to transition from manual machines to CNC machines.”

In-kind gifts of equipment such as this make a significant impact in our educational programming and ability to provide student with “hands on” training.  Each year, TMCC has the opportunity to partner with many private donors that provide a variety of in-kind donations that make a huge impact to TMCC and our students.

The TMCC Foundation was established in 1982 as the non-profit arm of the College to provide TMCC with an avenue to pursue private philanthropic support for TMCC students, programs, capital projects, and faculty led innovative programming.  There are many ways to make a gift to TMCC.  If you are interested in making an equipment or other type of donation to TMCC, please contact the TMCC Foundation at 775-673-8262.