July Good News

Dean Paul Allen
Rebecca A. Eckland

Dr. Paul Allen is Named Dean of Liberal Arts

The Liberal Arts Division has a new dean in town: Dr. Paul Allen, who comes to TMCC directly from Salt Lake Community College in Salt Lake City, Utah, where he served as Associate Dean of Humanities and Languages, International Studies and Ethnic Studies. Although Dr. Allen has served as an administrator for 11 years (in the past, he has served as an interim dean and department chair), he is focused on getting up to speed in his new role at TMCC.

It certainly hasn’t taken Dean Allen long to acclimate. “I’m very interested in improving pedagogy for underserved groups here,” he said. “I would like to figure out how best to help students in the classroom—to find ways that we can do things differently to increase access for those populations.” Increasing access for students across the Division—recognizing different literacies linked to culture, history and discourse practices—is both a focus and a passion for  Allen who, through his years of experience in the classroom became an advocate of introducing issues of diversity, freedom, and equality—access to education seems a natural extension of these interests that guide his academic and professional interests.

Additionally, Allen will work closely with the departments within the Liberal Arts division to complete strategic goals while working to meet the needs of TMCC students. “There was recently a big transition in the English Department—we are moving to a corequisite model of instruction, and we will work to integrate this model in the best possible way for students,” he said. The new Graphic Arts and Media Technology Advanced Certificate Program made possible through a partnership with Nevada State College (NSC) is another area of focus, as is the continued promotion of TMCC’s Performing Arts Program whose partnerships with Reno High School, Damonte High School, and UNR will remain a strong focus in the coming academic year.

Allen is looking forward to jumping right in—a skill he might have gleaned from his service in the U.S. Infantry in the 101st Airborne Division, which required that he rappel from helicopters—evidence he says, that anyone can overcome their fears.

For more information about TMCC’s Liberal Arts Division, contact the division at 775-674-7937.

Art Instructor Rossitza Todorova Contributes to Public Art in Reno

Art Signals Photo

TMCC Art Instructor Rossitza Todorova painted a utility box as a part of the City of Reno Arts & Culture Public Arts Program called “Art Signals”.

On the corner of Plumb and Harvard Way in Reno, there’s an unexpected splash of color from a utility box that features creatures native to northern Nevada: a jackrabbit, a bluebird, butterfly, honeybee and a pair of quail. This kind of work “...is a really great way to transform an experience into something that adds color and form into a space you wouldn’t really have noticed before,” said TMCC Art Instructor Rossitza Todorova, who painted the utility box with creatures who are also integral to the identity of our community. “I wanted it to be something the public would enjoy and relate to. We see so many of the big animals—the Big Horn sheep—I wanted to put paint smaller creatures on a larger scale.”

The opportunity for artists to create art on utility boxes around town is a part of the City of Reno Arts & Culture Public Arts Program called “Art Signals”, which is overseen by the Reno Arts & Culture Commission, a citizen committee appointed by the City Council. The program uses signal boxes throughout the community to serve as venues to feature the artwork of local professionals, residents, students, and community members. The program, which began in 2008, has grown to include 50 painted boxes in Reno’s downtown and outlying neighborhoods.

The purpose of painting utility boxes? “Art Signals is meant to contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of our community and … to create a sense of place and identity,” says the Art Signals website.  Todorova echoes these sentiments: “If the painting is eye-catching enough, it can become a landmark within the neighborhood—people begin to associate the image with what else exists in that part of town.” Todorova applied to be a part of the utility box public art project by answering a call for artists and submitting a proposal which outlined her artistic vision.

Armed with a small grant and plenty of sunscreen (and a hat) the project took her three days to complete—two eight-hour days of solid painting, and a third day of touching up the bluebird she painted on one side of the box. “It’s a fun place to work,” said Todorova. “People would stop and comment, or honk and give me a thumbs up from their cars.”

For more information about the Art Signals project, visit the website or contact Megan Berner at 775-326-6333.  For more information about the Visual Arts Program at TMCC, contact the department at 775-673-7291.

TMCC Athletics Launches New Website

TMCC Lizards soccer

Check out tmcclizards.com for the latest game schedules, team rosters, scores and watch games on live streaming video.

TMCC Athletics now has its own website where you can get the latest schedule updates, team roster and even watch the games on live streaming video.

Bookmark tmcclizards.com, which features information that friends and fans alike will definitely want to know.  We’ve broken down the highlights for the page for you.  Information on the website will include:

  • The Game Schedule. Located under the “Sports” menu item, you access both teams’ schedules and learn what food truck options will be available at the game.
  • Team Rosters. Also located under the “Sports” menu item, learn who’s who on the men’s and women’s teams. This information includes their year at TMCC, what high school they graduated from and their full bio (coming soon.)
  • Athletics News. TMCC Athletics is launching its own news desk! This page will feature game recaps, highlights of student-athletes and all the information Lizard fans want and need.
  • Lizards Sports Network. Looking for the latest Lizard video content? Located under the “Fan Zone” header, the “Lizard Sports Network” page will feature live streaming video from games, and archived game footage, too.  Additionally, if you are interested in playing a bigger part in the success of TMCC Athletics, you can also learn more about how you can help our student-athletes through the Mighty Lizard Club.

TMCC Soccer is gearing up for its inaugural season!  Preseason training will begin on August 1 and the kickoff to celebrate TMCC soccer only weeks away (on August 15 when both squads scrimmage Feather River College).