Preparing and Submitting Proposals

Opportunity Identification and Approvals

Person stamping an approval

The Foundation and Grants (F&G) Office is ready to assist TMCC faculty, administrators, and staff, to determine if a grant opportunity is appropriate for submission. The grant opportunity can be brought to our attention a couple of ways:

There are several considerations that must be made before pursuing the writing and submission of the grant:

  • Connection to the TMCC strategic plan and/or ongoing initiatives
  • Project objectives
  • Principal Investigator (PI) qualifications
  • Timeframe for project
  • Type of institutional resources that will need to be devoted to the project including but not limited to: staffing, sustained funding sources, and non-supplanting of state or federally funded positions.

Once reviewed by the F&G staff and if the opportunity is determined to be appropriate for submission, F&G staff will hold a meeting with the grant proposal stakeholders to determine responsibilities and designate due dates for gathering information, contacting potential project partners, developing the budget, etc.

F&G staff will determine if the writing of the grant proposal will be done solely by F&G staff, or in collaboration with stakeholders. F&G staff will determine timelines for completion of the proposal.

Please note: If F&G staff find little effort has been made toward completion of stakeholder responsibilities and/or if key sections of the grant cannot be completed by designated due dates, F&G staff can make the determination to cease the submission of the proposal.
The proposal submission process includes:

  • Identification of the Principle Investigator(s)(PI) or person(s) responsible for the oversight of the proposed project if funded;
  • Approval of assurances, agreements, and/or memorandum of understandings (MOU’s) by the TMCC Legal Department;
  • Completion of the proposal to be attached to any requests for signatures by the TMCC President;
  • Review of the proposal budget and budget justification by the Controllers office; and,
  • Final review and submission by F&G staff. F&G staff are responsible for the submission of all proposals made by the College.