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Emergency Scholarship Information

Emergency scholarships are available for students in need. Emergency scholarships are designed to help students avoid an interruption in their college studies due to an unforeseen emergency.

Private donors, in partnership with the TMCC Student Government Association, created an emergency scholarship to assist enrolled students with an unplanned financial emergency in the current term that is impacting their ability to stay on track toward graduation.

TMCC Students

The most common situations that may lead to a student’s request for an emergency scholarship include:

  • Sudden health emergency
  • The unexpected loss of income
  • Major accidents
  • Death in the family, or family emergency
  • Rent in arrears, and risk of eviction or homelessness
  • Natural disaster

The emergency scholarship is only available in extreme circumstances, and students will be expected to meet stringent criteria in order to qualify. Students applying for emergency aid will be required to provide adequate documentation of the crisis leading to their need for emergency funds.  

Students who wish to apply should contact TMCC's Counseling Center.