Monarch Butterfly Conservation in Mexico and Regenerative Tourism


Oct. 14, 2021, 6 - 7:30 p.m.




Please join Dianne Cheseldine and the Distinguished Speaker Series for a presentation and panel on Monarch Butterfly Conservation in Mexico and Regenerative Tourism. The event will kick off with a presentation by Daniel Behn, who designs and creates regenerative touristic experiences to reconnect people with an enthusiasm for nature and life itself. The presentation will focus on environmental regulation in Mexico, mountain communities, the black market, and regenerative tourism. Afterward, there will be a panel consisting of our guest speaker and local experts that will facilitate a discussion/Q&A session on the topics.

Panel members:

  • Daniel Behm 
  • Vanina Coudriet, TMCC Hospitality & Tourism Coordinator 
  • Dr. Megan Lahti, TMCC Biology Professor
  • Julie Koop, Nevada Monarch Society
  • Shannon Swim, Sagebrush in Prisons Project Coordinator for NV
  • Dr. Cecilia Vigil, TMCC Tenure Track Instructor

Registration is required for this event, which will be held online via Zoom.