Career Hub Resume Night: Future Success Starts Here

A college student smiles at her laptop with a completed resume in hand.
Jared Libby

As a student, you focus on strengthening your passion for your field. Through comprehensive and engaging classroom settings, you test your ability to retain that knowledge so you can have a successful career in the future. As you develop, so do your connections. You sense that thrill of seeing those familiar faces who can uplift and challenge you in the best ways. So when it comes time to hit the ground running after graduation, you are doing it cohesively. Nobody gets left behind because you have gained the qualities of a productive member of society, enhancing our economy as a vital asset of the labor force.

The team at the Career Hub encourages students to branch out of their comfort zone and pursue interviews, job applications, and hiring organizations that can land them a position of financial security and employment satisfaction. They are ready to give you all the skills and resources required to take the initiative and make your way. With upcoming resume nights at the William N. Pennington Applied Technology Center in the IGT Hub in collaboration with experts from the Learning Commons, your door to becoming tomorrow’s professional is swung wide open, so take a page from their book and discover what it means to work in the industries of today.

Have a Fierce Resolve in Everything You Do

At a recent resume workshop, these two invaluable departments of TMCC brought together students from across our community to actively participate in updating their resumes. Instructors and administrators helped insightfully trim the unnecessary vocabulary to focus on speaking to your talents, sharing your history, and being genuine with what you say about yourself. Honesty can be a deal-breaker during questioning and evaluation, so the practical thing to do is not exaggerate your credentials. After a vigorous round of editing, you’ll have a sophisticated, fresh document that employers notice immediately. A big part of the business game is getting eyes on your record early to show you’re the best candidate for selection. For the first time, the IGT Hub was the epicenter of this dynamic resume reformation, and people loved it.

“We decided to do a resume night after a discussion with Chelsey Coggin, the Career Hub Grant Manager, when we realized how many students that come to the Applied Technology Center may never have seen one, let alone write it. We got about half a dozen each night, and the majority needed help updating or adjusting for jobs they were looking for. We did get a few ACE high schoolers who wanted guidance on how to get started,” said Viola Pellissier, Library Technician.

There’s a reward for those who attend a constructive workshop like this, getting firsthand demonstrations on how to cut the nonsense, polish the excellence, and present themselves effectively on their resumes. Every semester, the Career Hub hosts numerous gatherings to address this issue and others synonymous with developing college students into determined workforce specialists. Everyone has to begin somewhere. The satisfaction of knowing that you’re accomplishing real-world tasks, problem-solving with teamwork, and understanding the tools of the trade through internship opportunities makes composing a winning outline of yourself all the more relevant. The welcoming faces of Pellissier and Jeannine Bell, Internship Coordinator, made the enormous lobby of the IGT Hub feel a little less intimidating.

Your prospects become far-reaching with a fully fleshed-out resume at your fingertips. Northern Nevada is booming with economic activity, and openings are available for the discerning and investigative person. A fundamental element of your higher education journey is interning, and somewhere down the line, you will desire that involvement, heightening your performance in an authentic environment with meaningful training. We were all novices at some point, but sustaining our expertise through the years demands commitment, a virtue you will have in spades when you identify an occupation you irrevocably love.

“The Internship Program benefits TMCC students by allowing them to try out careers and get experience with their choice. Not only can interns apply theories from classroom discussions to the workplace, but their time there defines their aptitude and builds readiness competencies while networking within their field of study,” said Bell.

Students are already making waves on the vocational plane in our community, an effervescent stream of fulfillment and top-notch proficiency flowing into the pipeline through internships and lines of work that could only come from the exceptional instruction they received at TMCC. If you believe it is time to sharpen your craft, visit the sessions during the school year to redefine yourself so the world sees you how we see you: as a future outstanding graduate. Look at the Calendar of Events and find a time suitable for you. Flexibility is a core component of college completion and retention, so if you'd like to hop in on a Zoom meeting instead of being there in person, go for it. We're creating tomorrow's leaders, and that undertaking means banding together every step of the way.

“My internship opportunity allowed me to work hands-on with designers and their clients, teaching me more about interior design. I have made relationships and feel more prepared now. I am thrilled to work in this field because collaborating with designers taught me many things, and this is what I would like to do for my career,” an anonymous Technical Science student remarked about their experience.

For more information, please visit the Career Hub, Learning Commons, and Calendar of Events websites.