August Good News

Student Government Association representatives hold awards representing their service to TMCC and its students.
Jared Libby

SGA Events Encourage Student Participation Throughout the Semester

Fall Semester 2023 is officially underway, and your Student Government Association (SGA) has numerous exciting events to keep you engaged, encouraging socializing with your peers and the TMCC community! Get involved with entertaining activities that give you a break from your studies and enjoy your time as a college student. These organized functions are excellent outlets for meeting new people, establishing lasting connections, getting inspired about your education, and supporting one another in personal growth.

Be sure to keep your eye on the Calendar of Events throughout the coming months, but here’s just a taste of what’s in store for you:

  • 9/12: Blood Drive
  • 9/13: Blood Drive and Tu Bienvenida
  • 10/11: National Coming Out Day
  • 10/23: Get the Scoop With the Presidents
  • 11/1, 11/2: Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

The SGA Blood Drive is a wholesome gathering where students, faculty, and staff help those in need within the greater Reno community through their compassionate donations. Participants will also be able to create their very own flower bouquets! A selfless act accompanied by a colorful arrangement of your favorite blossoms to show our appreciation.

Tu Bienvenida is a culturally rich experience where we celebrate the Hispanic community through lively music, captivating dance routines, and delicious food and drink. If you’re a fan of rice, milk, vanilla, and cinnamon all being stirred together to make the exceptional taste of horchata, then stop by and grab a refreshing glass of this timeless treat! Working together with the Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Office and kicking off Hispanic Heritage Month, this festivity is one you won’t want to miss.

National Coming Out Day supports the LGBTQIA+ community annually and raises awareness for individuals still anxious about revealing their identities to the world. You are welcome here at TMCC, and to reassure you that you belong, SGA will be holding an event called “WoodSock,” where students can tie-dye socks with their identity flag colors. It will be a loving gesture of reaffirmation and hope for those conflicted and a celebration honoring being yourself!

Want to know more about your SGA team and their loyalty to the student population? Then don’t miss Get the Scoop With the Presidents, an ice cream open forum with the TMCC and SGA presidents! Enjoy a combination of yummy frozen dessert flavors while interacting with the individuals who aspire to establish a favorable college experience for you and your peers.

Last but certainly not least, Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is a dedication to the deceased. It is a day focused on healing rather than loss. Celebrating this tradition means accepting that death exists, and although our loved ones are no longer with us, we remember them and are happy that their spirits return for a moment. Join your SGA family and watch Coco, a beautifully animated Pixar film with a sensational and heartfelt message about what this holiday means to its people!

Becca Franssen, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Leadership, recognizes how important life outside of school can be in creating meaningful college experiences that inspire you to finish your degree or certificate alongside fellow passionate students.

“Student involvement is so much more than filling up your resume; it’s about surrounding yourselves with experiences and people that truly shape your time here at TMCC. I encourage students to embrace opportunities outside of the classroom because you can craft a TMCC experience that is uniquely yours,” said Franssen.

SGA is committed to enhancing student relationships through inclusive and fun ways, inviting the many cultures, identities, and lifestyles to become acquainted with our TMCC community. You’ll be glad you were a part of it, looking back on how fulfilling it was and gaining a feeling of belonging while you strive for your academic goals!

New Radiologic Technologist Equipment Improves Firsthand Learning

There’s nothing quite like a hands-on learning experience in a classroom or laboratory setting. Not only are you allowed to touch, manipulate, and scrutinize objects up close, but your mind begins to memorize what instruments go where and how to activate devices. Repetition makes your movements more fluid. Your attentiveness increases substantially, and with all things worth doing, practice will perfect your methods. That’s why our programs receive cutting-edge equipment that supports them in educational aspects and performance tasks, enhancing your familiarity with procedures related to your degree.

Rad tech student getting firsthand experience with an x-ray machine.

Rad tech student getting firsthand experience with an x-ray machine.

Radiologic Technology has brand-new materials to achieve this goal: these devices will be productive and resourceful for student success in these courses. As a program that has been around since 1985 with 39 graduating classes, individuals pursuing this degree can look forward to being actively immersed in a curriculum complete with instructive, lab, and clinical experiences. Upon graduation, they must pass the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists national examination, certifying their ability to work as a radiologic technologist anywhere in the country!

Rori Wilkis, Program Director of Radiologic Technology, is enthusiastic about the training these novel machines will provide, gleaning perspective and purpose into a vital field that shares responsibilities with northern Nevada’s allied health industry.

“The new energized x-ray equipment will benefit the radiologic technology students immensely. Energized means fully functional and mimics equipment they will encounter during their clinical studies. The equipment is utilized in the radiology lab and is a large component of the hands-on learning,” said Wilkis.

“Radiology students practice imaging phantoms and experiment with techniques in the lab to ensure preparedness for their clinical rotations and future profession. The new x-ray equipment bridges the gap between didactic and real-world learning, a valuable experience. The medical industry changes and evolves quickly. TMCC is lucky to have cutting-edge digital resources to contribute to their success,” continued Wilkis.

A profession in constant need of fresh hires, radiologic technology saves lives on more than one front in healthcare! Accurately positioning patients and producing a quality diagnostic image is the practical part of their skill set, while working closely with radiologists to verify their interpretation of medical photographs for diagnosing or ruling out disease or injury is another.

The outcomes of the work rad techs do are far-reaching and paramount to communicating the news of patient conditions. They are an integral part of our society, and TMCC is thrilled to instruct those who would take up this challenging and rewarding career.

Career Maps Illustrate Professional Student Opportunities for the Future

A little guidance goes a long way, and with a roadmap to your career, it’ll feel less daunting when you’re ready to take the next step. With the brand-new and invaluable TMCC Career Maps, you can more easily discover the branching employment possibilities for your area of study across our entire collection of programs!

Unlock your future by viewing the TMCC Career Maps today!

Unlock your future by viewing the TMCC Career Maps today!

A phenomenal resource that displays various career paths associated with your major and how to get there, the TMCC Career Maps are making life easier for students across all four locations. We encourage you to browse this extensive list of selections upon graduation, and it’s important to note that the green circles illustrate those offered at TMCC, and the gray represents that you will be required to continue your higher education at another institution.

It’s satisfying to know that you can make an informed decision regarding the broad spectrum of professions available to you, deciding where your journey will take you next. Direction gives purpose, and with that comes the resolve that you will establish a comfortable living for yourself after college.

Dr. Jeffrey Alexander, Vice President of Academic Affairs, discussed the constructive purpose of these career maps and their lasting influence on student determination when organizing their learning track objectives and prospective success.

“Thanks to the input of teams from across the College, TMCC has produced over 60 unique maps to illustrate career pathways to our students and their families. Many have questions about where our programs lead and what kinds of jobs they can expect to find after completing an Associate, Bachelor, or graduate degree in a given subject area,” said Alexander.

“Our new maps help to make these pathways clear. You will see them posted around our locations while the whole collection is online. Our advisors will refer to them often, and with the support of grant funds, we will produce posters for district partners to display at their schools, too,” continued Alexander.

If you find a career map on campus, peruse its enlightening contents and share it with your friends, family, or colleagues. Making your lives easy is one of our many goals here at TMCC, and with a little more certainty after graduating, you’ll be thankful its pages lead you to your dream job!

Renovations Across Campus Expand Student Learning Opportunities

Like any institution worthy of its reputation, TMCC places students at the center of every deciding action or implementation of contemporary programs, grants, scholarships, career opportunities, and facility expansion. How can we make your time on our campus more meaningful?

Many prefer to use the resources that the computer labs in the library provide, a paperback book and cushy chair being the only items they require for serenity. But some sit out on the plaza to soak up the sun, catch a swift breeze, and study with their peers in a setting that invites conversation, laughter, and camaraderie. Wherever you find yourself learning, the crew at Facilities has made that possible at one point or another, and they’re far from finished, thanks to brand-new renovations across our locations for a more accommodating experience for you!

Students sit comfortably in the remodeled Admissions and Records Office.

Students sit comfortably in the remodeled Admissions and Records Office.

Marcus Ollom, Assistant Director of Design and Construction, mentioned how he and the facilities team have expanded and remodeled TMCC classrooms to present a more robust academic environment for students whose studies regularly take them across much of the College grounds.

“TMCC just completed the expansion of three classrooms and 11 offices at the William N. Pennington Health Science Center to support the growth of the nursing program. We’ve also completed the renovation of 19 classrooms, Red Mountain Building (RDMT) 122, RDMT 315, and the third floor of the Red Mountain Building outside Admissions and Records,” said Ollom.

“The Sierra Building 108 auditorium has a combination of new flooring, painting, and LED lighting to provide a brighter, more comfortable setting for students,” continued Ollom.

That’s far from all, however, as Ollom and crew have been working tirelessly to install sustainable supplies, ensuring we honor our commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and upholding our principles as an organization that sincerely cares about our planet and the ecosystem we leave behind for the generations yet to come.

“In concert with TMCC’s focus on sustainability, all installed flooring uses zero chemical maintenance materials, reducing environmental impact,” said Ollom.

Maybe you’ve noticed some of these spectacular changes already? Wander around and see if you can’t uncover a favorite spot that’s exclusively yours! It makes reading, writing, and studying more enriching when you have a place to call your own, and we’ll continue to improve our sites to make it so because we care.

For more information, please visit the Student Government Association, Radiologic Technology, TMCC Career Maps, and Facilities websites.