May Good News

Young man places medallion around brother's neck during Unity Graduation Celebration.
Jared Libby

Unity Graduation Celebration Inspires

TMCC family, friends, and colleagues recently gathered to commemorate the inaugural Unity Graduation Celebration and revel in the achievements of historically underrepresented students. Hosted by the Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Office, moving testimonials and genuine goodwill had the community witnessing the impact education can make in transforming lives.

The event on Tuesday, May 2, was open to all graduates, encouraging the attendance of those with diverse identities, experiences, and ideas at TMCC. This fusion of narratives breathes life into our classrooms, unifying students and instructors in a way that transcends traditional academic relationships. There is a tremendous sense of support here and a belief that no voice goes unheard.

As part of the occasion, individuals received a special medallion, forged with an image of interlocking hands gripping their neighbor’s arm, a symbol of the alliance we share as educators and learners, relatives and companions.

Juana Reynoza-Gomez, Program Director of Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability, led the proceedings with relatable insights and reflected on the restorative power of learning in her own life.

“As a first-generation Latinx, I know the importance of completing a degree. It wasn’t just for me. It was for my family and community. I wanted to create an event where we could come together to celebrate diversity and intersectionality as well as the accomplishments and the journey of getting to this moment with those who have supported our TMCC students,” said Reynoza-Gomez.

Students were happy to hear they could wear this emblem of solidarity with their commencement attire, a gratifying tribute to the efforts of valuable people who helped make this day a reality.

RN to BSN Nursing Program Recruiting New Students

The five graduating students in the Class of 2023 who earned their RN to BSN degree are now prepared to meet the industry standard, and they are proudly taking their new education into practice. The Maxine S. Jacobs RN to BSN Nursing Program cultivates registered nurses with even more credentials, shaping them to be exceptional leaders in their area, all from the comfort of their homes via online courses. With an upcoming application deadline of June 30 for the next class of RN to BSN students, TMCC is looking for nurses who are ready to take this step in their educational journey.

The RN to BSN Program hopes to create new leaders in the nursing industry.

The RN to BSN Program aims to create new leaders in the nursing industry.

Nurses are a fundamental part of our society, with hearts and hands dedicated to treating wounds and illnesses in this precarious, strange world. It is no easy task to pick up the mantle of caregiver, but our community is all the better for those who would.

The substantial training in the RN to BSN program prepares you to provide high-quality care to our neighborhoods while applying and promoting beneficial, tangible change in healthcare organizations and systems.

It’s incredibly convenient, too! The curriculum will fit right into your schedule like the puzzle piece you didn’t know your life had been missing this summer. Join the next generation of public health professionals revamping the industry by strengthening clinical problem-solving and population wellness.

Julie Ellsworth, Dean of Life Sciences, Allied Health and Public Safety, discussed the timely process of studying this program during a shift in positions that are opening within the contemporary nursing field.

“RNs with associate degrees can advance to a bachelor's degree in just one year through our RN-BSN program. Classes are online and delivered in 8-week blocks to meet the scheduling needs of working nurses. Many experienced nurses are retiring, and RNs with bachelor-level training are needed to be the next generation of nursing leaders,” said Ellsworth.

Don’t miss out on a chance to expand the nurturing influence of a field that’s paramount to our daily survival by unlocking the wonders of modern medicine.

TMCC Culinary Arts Students Grill SkillsUSA Competition

Our Culinary Arts students recently won Gold, Silver, and Bronze medals in both the Culinary and Baking categories at the SkillsUSA Nevada State competition over a week in April.

Culinary students catering an event inside the Student Center.

Culinary students catering an event inside the Student Center.

In a complex test of cuisine prowess, contestants must demonstrate their knowledge and expertise by producing industry-standard menu items.

During the evaluation, participants scored points on their organization ability, knife skills, cooking techniques, creative presentation, sanitation, food safety, and the quality and flavor of their prepared dishes. Students worked from a market basket setup, meaning a fixed list of proportionally sized ingredients, and had to create their meals utilizing essential gastronomy tactics. If you can't take the heat, stay out of this kitchen!

That was just for the Culinary contest! Baking and Pastry is an entirely new plate.

For this event, chefs-in-training proved their awareness and proficiency through scaling, mixing, readying, and baking eight products. They included loaves of bread, rolls, cookies, and assorted pastries. The cherry on top? Exhibit their cake-decorating talent. Quality was crucial in this trial, and working in a job-like setting verified their efficiency. Our students are the best things since sliced bread!

The names of the winners are:

Culinary Arts: Skills/USA State

  • Gold: Cristal Arriola
  • Silver: Tiffany Santiago
  • Bronze: Katie Wentink

Baking & Pastry Arts: Skills/USA State

  • Gold: Ann Barkdull
  • Silver: Alex Vasquez
  • Bronze: Jainiha Palmer

Chef Karen Cannan, Culinary Arts Professor, was overjoyed with how the students performed in their respective specialties of the epicurean world, appreciative to be marching with them toward national renown.

“I am so proud of our students and their achievement at the SkillsUSA Nevada State competitions in both Culinary and Baking! It is a fast-paced and challenging event with schools from all over the state. It is so inspiring to see them succeed in this arena where their dedication to our program and their craft gives them memories they will have going forward,” said Cannan.

“Now is the next adventure: Our two gold medalists will attend the SkillsUSA National competitions! As a coach, I am honored and always inspired by their willingness to give so much of their time and energy to something because it is what they love and are greatly talented at,” continued Cannan.

For more information, please visit the Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Office, the Maxine S. Jacobs RN to BSN Nursing Program, and the Culinary Arts websites.