Welcome to the Tutoring and Learning Center

Students and tutors actively working together in Learning Commons and Tutoring Center.
Jared Libby

At its essence, tutoring aims to cultivate the talent in you that was always there but just needed that little extra push. Sometimes, that’s easier said than done. Every so often, what you retain in class can become confusing when you return to the information later. Or maybe it’s just material that completely mystifies you. Both are valid and can influence our academic success in a negative way. Assistance through our Tutoring and Learning Center (TLC) could be your saving grace and at no expense to you whatsoever. College is meant to be a collaborative effort, so know that you’re in good hands when seeking help from your peers.

Make Learning Enjoyable

If you’re feeling overwhelmed and confused in class, the TLC is the perfect place to go. Located on the first floor of the Sierra Building, the TLC promotes an environment in which mistakes are welcome and questions are encouraged. Tutors are available every day for a wide variety of subjects. They offer in-person and Zoom appointments, and drop-in tutoring is always open. In addition to tutoring, the TLC houses the Fine Focus Learning Lab, a dry lab in which anatomy models and microscopes are available to all students.

One-on-one instruction can often yield the best results. It makes sense. Thankfully, the modern college structure encourages personalized guidance. Who wouldn’t want that? Tutors train you to fine-tune your study skills, and it becomes routine for you to implement them in the classroom. Streamlining your habits can be super beneficial, and who knows? Your classmate might notice how well you’re doing, and then start coming to you for advice. Students teaching students. Now that is what we call a thriving academic culture.

Still not convinced? Check out what your fellow students have to say:

“What I love most about the Tutoring Center is how inclusive and welcoming it is. If I have an essay to write, they help me with the starting process, outline, etc. I attend tutoring sessions because they’re free, and also, it’s an easy process. The center is always available and encouraging. I would invite people to take a chance and go if they struggle with assignments like me,” said Cailin Slater, a current Human Development and Family Studies student.

The tutors at the TLC foster a space in which all students feel safe and respected. There is no such thing as a ‘stupid’ question. At the TLC, their goal is to help you help yourself; taking a chance and coming to tutoring might be the best decision you can make regarding your education!

“Our tutors guide you through better comprehension of assignments you do in class, and grasping those lessons improves your chances of acing your exams. I’ve seen students come in sad, upset, or frustrated, and tutoring can be the difference between passing or failing. It definitely works!” said Meg Thompson, TLC receptionist.

The tutoring process is really quite simple. In four easy steps, you can gain a better understanding of your coursework. If you come in with a mess, our tutors will help you clean it up:

  1. Sign in, meet your tutor, and get settled in.
    Any time you come into the TLC, you’ll sign into their system using your Student ID Number.
  2. Get into the assignment or problem.
    What do you need help with? How can our tutors help you gain a better understanding of the material?
  3. Ask ALL the questions and make ALL the mistakes!
    They encourage you to make mistakes and ask for help.
  4. Celebrate all that you’ve accomplished while in the TLC!

See? It’s really not that scary. Stop by the TLC next time you are struggling with math homework or have an essay that really needs a second set of eyes. The TLC is a free resource for all TMCC students, and they want to support you however they can!

For more information, please visit the Tutoring and Learning Center website or call 775-674-7517.