Career Hub: The Portal to Professionalism

College student being interviewed for position at company.
Jared Libby

We know our students attend college for a universal reason: to gain as much knowledge as you can about a certain field that excites you, acquire a job that provides financial stability, and leave it feeling fulfilled. To wake up every morning and be thrilled about going to work is truly one of life’s elusive pleasures. So, how do you get there? The road before you can be long, but not treacherous. Experience comes with the passage of time, and there’s no better place to grow your knowledge than at our very own Career Hub. Most of us would like to be the dapper, suave expert in our arena of learning at this exact moment, but sometimes, you need to crawl before you walk.

Chasing What Fascinates You

It’s no simple feat. Oftentimes, students go semesters without finally deciding upon which major they’d like to pursue. If that sounds like you, this can mean uncertainty about where you’ll land professionally. There’s nothing at all wrong with this! Regardless of what your family, friends, or coworkers think you should do with your life, college is the perfect place to discover who you were meant to become. You get to create the soundtrack to your own life, and what a melody it will be.

Whether you’re searching for your first serious employment, shifting your sights towards a new path, or advancing up the vocational ladder, the Career Hub experts will establish a solid foundation for you to lean on. Seeking work can be a scary and puzzling process, that’s why having someone to support you as you wade through these convoluted waters is invaluable. Teaching you the skills required to secure a professional position and more are what motivates these specialists. 

The Career Hub’s Sidney Sullivan, Program Director, and Elizabeth Ortiz, Specialist, shared their thoughts about the noble work their team does ensuring students are in mint condition before applying to the job of their dreams.

“Often, students assume that career readiness begins at the end of their academic career, or once they are nearing completion of their programs. However, preparation should parallel the educational experience. We want them to be confident and prepared to take on openings that may present themselves,” Ortiz said.

They’ll assist you in prepping the documents that employers demand, highlighting contributions you’ve made to the College, and flaunting your research and development abilities. Here’s the thing: You can sport degrees, certificates, or a wide range of qualifications, but if you’re not accurately reflecting those achievements on a resume, or integrating them into your interview responses, you’ll hinder your chances of distinguishing yourself among others for incredible opportunities. Don’t get lost in the crowd!

“The classroom setting is a great place to practice some of the most essential competencies employers seek; such as communication, leadership, teamwork, and collaboration. Similarly, we don’t want students to fumble through the application or interviewing processes because they waited until the last minute to gather their documents,” Ortiz said.

Being Productive Instead of Busy

Days, hours, minutes, and seconds… there never seems to be enough of them. It’s an aspect of reality we can’t afford to lose. That’s why making every moment count matters. Perhaps you’re in a tropical paradise right now, or maybe even Disneyland. Visiting friends and family across the country, or perhaps catching up on sleep and laundry. That’s all well and good, and we’re counting on you to have a spectacular vacation wherever you are, but after all that relaxation, it’s time to put your best foot forward, and get down to the business of planning your future!

In the spirit of student prosperity, the handy Career Hub Calendar serves as a timetable for you; a comprehensive list of all the key workshops being held throughout Spring 2023. So even if you weren’t able to make it to those active over Spring Break, you can still drop in on these and be all the better for it. For your convenience, sessions have also been made available through the Career Hub link in the Canvas help button menu. Don’t miss out on them this time!

“We covered essential topics throughout the semester, so if a student attended each of the workshops, they would walk away with much more knowledge about how to structure a resume, answer some common interview questions, gain tips on where to network and make the most out of those connections, and other professional advice,” Ortiz said.

We hope that a rest from classes stirred up in you the will to explore all of the techniques that the Career Hub can instill for success. Freeing up schedules is not easy, and the workshops’ availability on Zoom was strategically tailored to increase the likelihood of our community’s visits. You should stop by the Career Hub throughout the rest of the semester and strengthen confidence in yourself before taking advantage of the Spring Job and Internship Fair.

“Students can use job fairs to find employment, which is the most common reason for attending. They can also use them to explore different career fields, find out what skills employers are looking for, and ask questions about the opportunities which they may have been uncomfortable bringing up in a formal interview,” Sullivan said.

TMCC plans to host roughly 50–55 companies during the Job Fair presented by the Career Hub, sharing their unique possibilities for careers and internships to eager minds. Organizations from outside of Nevada could also take an interest in you, broadening the scope of potential employers to different states and across diversified industries. There’s no need to be nervous, either! Several staff members will be nearby who are happy to ease you into a conversation with the recruiters. We rise by lifting others, and that’s the essence of our culture at TMCC. We look forward to seeing you there!

“Personally, the most rewarding part of my job is when I get an email or phone call from a student letting me know they have been successful in their career management. Whether that be landing an interview after making changes to their resume, obtaining employment in their targeted field, or negotiating a higher salary because they knew where and how to research income ranges and leverage their skills,” Ortiz said.

For more information, please visit the Career Hub and Spring Job and Internship Fair websites or call 775-673-7060.