Business FastTrack: Racing to Graduation

Students sit happily together on steps to Red Mountain Building.
Jared Libby

Our programs at TMCC are constantly evolving, and the new Business FastTrack can help you swiftly achieve an Associate of Arts, Business Degree. Beginning Fall 2023, this completely online program is designed to offer flexibility to students with competing priorities, provide access to full-time enrollment, and ensure timely graduation in one or two years depending on which track you choose. It’s eligible for financial aid, transferable to UNR (or beyond), and involves fast-paced learning with the full weight of TMCC’s student resources and support services behind you. We’re fired up about it, and you should be, too!

Business Degrees Lead to Career Opportunities

Practical and theoretical business knowledge are constantly in demand within our job market, which is why the AA Business Degree is one of TMCC’s most popular. Business degrees offer a multitude of professional applications, and can support you whether your career path leads you to manufacturing, retail, marketing, sales, finance, or accounting. It’s also a great first step for innovators, entrepreneurs, and future small business owners.

Here’s where TMCC can offer something original and different: Instead of a traditional semester model where students enroll in classes and spend 16 weeks completing them, the Business FastTrack will offer each course individually over a much shorter five-week period. This allows students to focus on just one subject at a time–though you could enroll in two classes simultaneously, cutting your graduation time to just one year.

Amy Williams, Dean of the Business and Social Sciences Division, spots the potential for students who decide to pursue an associate’s using the Business FastTrack pathway.

“I think it’s a super exciting option for students. It’ll make it more doable for completing their business degree faster than they could with a conventional setup. Having the ability to focus on only one or two subjects at a time is a lot easier for most people to wrap their minds around, and fit into their already busy schedules,” Williams said.

“I love that there are short breaks all throughout the program. This will give students the needed breathing room when they might be feeling overwhelmed or burnt out. They can look at the schedule and realize they have a break in just a few weeks’ time!” Williams continued.

You Can Learn Anywhere

The FastTrack program is a thoughtful response to public demand for schedule flexibility and work-life balance, which offers a full-time college experience to students who may have previously seen part-time enrollment as their only option. You can keep your job, maintain a family and social life, and complete coursework at the times (and in the places) that work best for you.

The program is all about momentum. You’re going to be busy, for sure, but the satisfaction of completing courses and collecting credits at an accelerated rate, and knowing exactly where you are in the timeline, will keep you motivated and inspired.

It’s also about community and connecting: You’ll work closely with a small cohort of students in the program who can help you stay driven and accountable. You’ll even share ideas and resources with them, likely becoming valuable members of your professional network after graduation.

“The Business FastTrack cohort model will give you a shared learning experience throughout the entire program. You’ll really get to know your fellow students, which provides great opportunities for collaboration, support, and networking across your entire degree. Especially in an online environment, where it promotes social interaction and teamwork with your peers,” Williams said.

Whether you choose the one or two-year track, you’ll be ready for your next step in your educational or career journey. Armed with fresh insights and peer collaborations, you’ll soon be ready for whatever challenge you want to tackle. Seats on the FastTrack are limited, so visit the link below and reserve yours today!

For more information, please visit the Business FastTrack Program website.