Student Government Association: Leaders of the Future

SGA team for the year 2022–2023.
Jared Libby

The Student Government Association’s election race has officially begun, and students across campus are submitting their applications to see if they have what it takes to be Truckee Meadows Community College’s next great leaders. They come from all walks of life, but one thing stays the same: a strong desire to perform civic duties for the betterment of the College and our community. How will this next cohort of candidates bring about change for the better? The role of SGA officers is essential, and you’ll have to distinguish yourself from the rest of your peers. A little friendly competition never hurts, right? Let’s get to it!

Your Vote Matters

Being a member of SGA offers you a variety of opportunities to make a difference. One of the reasons our academic environment is so enjoyable is because of the strides individuals like you create in accomplishing honest student representation. You put others before yourself in the process, and it doesn’t go unnoticed. As an advocate of student rights and concerns, your dedication is visible through the lens of an enriching learning experience here at TMCC. As a bonus, you get to build friendships and participate more in the College’s activities along the way, too!

Becca Franssen, Coordinator of Student Engagement and Leadership, discussed the value that actively collaborating with student government instills you with, both personally and professionally.

“It’s an opportunity to develop your own skills, and have experiences you wouldn’t have had otherwise. It’s also a lot of responsibility. You’re not just speaking for yourself, you’re speaking for the students who elected you, and the students who are contributing to this feat. You’re representing, and you’re changing. You have multiple avenues to create change. Whether it’s formally through legislation or resolutions, or informally, sitting on several committees across the institution,” said Franssen.

Here’s a timeline of events for all you would-be senators. Through Feb. 17, you will have the opportunity to fill out an application and send it in to await their acceptance. Either on Thursday, Feb. 23 or Friday, Feb. 24, these same SGA election applicants must attend a mandatory meeting to discuss time commitments and the motivation required to take part in student government. Candidates will begin campaigning on March 20, with students and their supporters highlighting their talents and goals in hopes of achieving SGA representative status. March 31–April 14 are important dates to remember, as voting on the SGA’s website will commence, closing on Friday, April 14 at 5 p.m. Participants will be notified of their candidacy on Monday, April 17. Remember: Every election is determined by the people who show up!

Voting in the election is a fantastic way to get involved in SGA. SGA acts as a voice for students to the legislation, meaning that the roles of those whom we appoint genuinely matter. Student government can be influential, and that’s why your participation is crucial. It also promotes the setup of brand-new clubs on campus, as well as providing economic assistance for organized events and festivities.

“You’re in a great position to create a campus that you want to see and be a part of. I think getting involved in activities as a student, whether it’s working as a student, student government, or joining a club, is proven to increase your sense of belonging. Students who participate are more likely to ensure that they graduate if they have these extra layers of support around them. It’s beneficial in so many ways for students to get involved in something, anything,” said Franssen.

Make Friends, Network, and Have Fun

Make clubs a part of your college story! Recognized Student Organizations (RSOs), or a club, for short, are a seriously interactive way to enhance your time here, with advantages that will help shape you into a highly skilled individual. You’ll learn more about what you’re capable of, too. Gaining a sense of community as you perfect your goals and your strengths. You’ll form a circle of colleagues who share similar interests in your field, expanding your résumé and boosting your marketability. Let TMCC refresh your educational mission by supplying you with an enjoyable break from the classroom!

Student Life and Development Associate Keith Bingham holding up the National Society of Leadership and Success banner with two students.

Student Life and Development Associate Keith Bingham holding up the National Society of Leadership and Success banner with two students.

The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is a prime example of the institution’s ability to generate student leaders who will reshape our world’s future. Hailed as the nation’s largest leadership honor society, and with an active, growing chapter at TMCC, it’s one of the many organizations on campus you can get involved with. Everyone has leadership potential, and knowledge is a lifelong journey through which we accomplish more together than we ever could alone.

“What I’ve noticed the most is how the students now are confident leaders. They feel empowered, and they know their position a little bit better than they did before. Just making sure that they feel empowered is what will create a lot of these changes. They’re so interested in seeing and doing for the rest of the year and beyond. Having the foundation where students feel like they belong here has been incredibly rewarding. They do! Their voice is so important,” said Franssen.

For more information about the election or RSOs, please visit the SGA Election Information website and the Recognized Student Organizations page.