Your Guide to the Virtual Open House

Laptop screen showing the open house webpage.
Rebecca A. Eckland

If you’re a prospective student, don’t panic: TMCC is still here for you!  Every year, we host a Spring Open House so that prospective students can see our incredible Dandini Campus and hear about our 50 academic programs firsthand from our faculty and staff.  While the venue typically gathers faculty and support service staff in the Student Center, TMCC’s Recruitment and Access Center has been hard at work to create a virtual space that will offer students a glimpse of what they can expect at TMCC.

“We created the Virtual Open House with the goal of showing prospective students why TMCC is the best choice for them. The Virtual Open house will showcase academic programs and other staff who will show you why you need to choose TMCC... We are committed to offering events in a format that can nonetheless help prospective students to see that we are here for you,” said Program Director Recruitment and Access Center Yuli Chavez. 

The Virtual Open House features virtual tours of all four TMCC locations, videos that highlight academic and support programs, and student testimonials, to name a few items. With all that material, it might seem a bit overwhelming, so we created this roadmap to help you navigate your virtual tour of TMCC to see how we can help you succeed. 

Step 1: Take a Tour of all Four TMCC Locations

If you’ve never been to TMCC in person, we highly recommend you stop by when our campus locations reopen. The TMCC Facilities and Grounds crew are always hard at work making sure our campuses are clean and well-maintained, and our outside areas feature green grass, shade from mature trees, and flowers that bloom throughout the year (well, not when they are covered in snow!)

When you take the virtual tour of our campus locations, might be surprised to learn that TMCC has four locations in the Reno/Sparks area! In addition to that fun fact, we think you should definitely take special note of the following: 

  • V. James Eardley Student Center. This is where many TMCC events happen! This is also where the Welcome Center, the DISCO, Academic Advising, the SGA, the Disability Resource Center, and the Testing Center is located. This is also where we typically host the Spring Open House. It is a wide-open space, filled with lots of natural light.  
  • The Learning Commons offers an impressive array of academic support services, including the Tutoring and Learning Center! Did you know that, as a TMCC student, you’re eligible for up to 3 hours of free one-on-one tutoring every week? Learn more about the Learning Commons and how this welcoming space can be the key to your success.
  • The new soccer field, which has been called one of the most impressive pitches around, is a perk of becoming a TMCC Lizard. The all-grass field offers panoramic views of Reno and Sparks and is a fabulous spot to host the Mighty Lizards soccer team!

Step 2:  Check Out Your Major

If you have already decided on a major and a career path, head over to that academic department to learn more about it. Thirty-five of our departments submitted videos that will introduce you to key faculty and staff, as well as what you can look forward to when you declare your major. You will also get contact information for each department in case you have additional questions.

If you’re not sure about what major you are going to pursue, this is the perfect time to explore! We have provided links to all 50 programs of study that can lead to 160 degrees, certificates, and other completion options. 

Step 3: Learn About How TMCC Can Support Your Academic Journey

When you think about your college experience, you probably imagine yourself in a classroom taking notes, waiting for the results of an experiment in a science lab, or studying in the library with friends. However, there are several support services we offer our students so they can succeed in the classroom... and in life!

Here are a few of our favorites that we think you should definitely check out: 

  • Admissions and Records is your one-stop-shop if you have questions about registering for classes or obtaining transcripts. Learn more about this vital support service, located on the Dandini Campus. 
  • Information Technology might not be the first thing on your mind, but think about it: now more than ever, technology really is an essential part of your college experience. TMCC’s IT department offers you basic technical support, and much, much more!
  • WebCollege provides you access to online learning. And, honestly, where would we be without online learning? TMCC’s WebCollege department maintains our online learning platform. Chances are, several of your in-person classes will utilize this resource. 
  • TMCC’s Career Hub can help you to get your resume ready or to find your next summer job. Whether you’re looking for an internship or you need help networking with professionals in your field, this amazing resource can definitely help you get on track.

Step 4: See What TMCC Students Are Saying About TMCC

What better way to get to know your future college than to ask other college students what they think about TMCC? That’s exactly what we did: we asked our students to share their experiences with you. These testimonials can offer you real details of what you will experience as a TMCC student.  If you have any additional questions after watching a testimonial from a student, you can reach out to them directly at

Step 5: If You Still Have Time... 

As a high school senior or as a returning student, we understand how busy you are! If you have a few extra minutes, we recommend that you watch the videos for the following departments that demonstrate that TMCC has something for pretty much everyone:

  • TMCC’s Veterans Resource Center offers support for our student-veterans and hosts on-campus events that can get you more involved in our campus community.
  • CTE College Credit is a must-see, especially if you’re interested in pursuing one of the many rapidly growing careers in the CTE field. 

Just One More Thing

If you’re convinced that TMCC has everything you need to succeed (psst... we do!) then your last stop should be Steps to Enroll, which will guide you through the admissions process.  As always, if you have questions, our Recruitment and Access Center would be happy to walk you through the process.

“Staying connected with your college is important,” said Chavez, who encourages students to use this resource, which will be available through August. “Even though our physical locations are closed, TMCC is still here—we haven’t taken any breaks. We want to make sure that you can have access to all the information you need in order for you to make a successful transition. And, we are so eager to meet you!”

So, what are you waiting for? Check out TMCC’s Virtual Open House. Or for more information, contact our Recruitment and Access Center at 775-673-8236.