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TMCC's Business AA Gets Students Ahead

Photo of a person writing next to a computer.
Rebecca A. Eckland

Are you interested in a degree that will open not just one door but several? Do you like variety in life and the idea of working in several industries, not just one? Well, it turns out there is a major just for you: Business! 

Now, are you ready for even better news? TMCC’s Associate of Arts degree in Business fulfills the first two years of requirements of UNR’s 4-year Business major—setting you up for success in more ways than one. 

A Business Major Can Offer Several Career Options

Tanja Hayes, who teaches Economics classes at TMCC said that students who choose to be business majors have several careers from which to choose. “It gives you a lot of opportunities—you could work for a small start-up or for larger organizations like hospitals, schools, or non-profits. A lot of times, students think that business is a narrow thing—that it’s all about the stock market—but in reality, there’s a business aspect to nearly every organization and industry.” 

Think about it: even organizations that don’t seem “business-y” need accountants, managers, marketers and financial planners.  If working with non-profits is your thing, even museums need to get the word out about their need for financial support or a new exhibit; hospitals don’t just house nurses and doctors who provide medical services, they too have to keep the books straight in order to pay their employees and cover expenses. In essence, business is all around us, which is probably why business degrees account for one out of every five bachelor’s degrees awarded every year. 

But what if you don’t know what exactly you want to do?  That’s yet another reason why TMCC’s AA degree in Business is so perfect. “If you’re not sure what aspect of business you’re interested in, you could start here at TMCC,” said Hayes. “The program will give you time to figure out where you want to take your education and your career.”

Jaquelyn Vivar Payes completed the TMCC Business AA degree before moving onto UNR. Currently, she’s a senior there, and plans on applying to Amazon as an Operations Manager or HR Assistant after she graduates with her bachelor’s degree. Why business? Vivar Payes said it was the variety that appealed to her. “I decided to pursue a business degree because I enjoy learning about organizational behavior, human resources management, [and] corporate social responsibility policies. I like the fact that the degree can be used in different areas when it comes to management. I also enjoy working in teams and creating new and innovative ways to display my work,” she said.

For students who enjoy working in teams or groups—and enjoy finding ways to connect and motivate others—business offers a plethora of classes and career paths that do exactly that. “Most of my classes revolve around group work and understanding how to motivate people,” said Vivar-Payes. “In one of my classes we are covering peer coaching and how to better communicate.” In terms of where she envisions herself going, Vivar Payes said that business, for her, is really about learning to work well with others. 

“My main goal is to become a human resources manager,” she said. “I like to envision myself working for a company that shares the same vision and values as I do, whether that’s in the corporate world or the education world. I enjoy what I do at TMCC, and have thought about staying in higher education. Nevertheless, my goal is to find a career that best fits  my work style and has room for new opportunities.” 

Why You Should Study Business at TMCC 

What are the perks of studying in TMCC’s Business Program? Aside from fulfilling the first two years of requirements for the Bachelor’s in Business at UNR, here are three additional reasons you might want to consider if you’re looking into a degree in business:

  1. The teaching faculty are truly focused on students. Hayes, who taught courses at UNR, said: “Sometimes at a research institution, the faculty aren’t always as passionate about teaching as their own professional work. At TMCC, that’s our focus—our faculty are here to teach students.”  
  2. In business terms, the ROI (return on investment) for TMCC’s AA in Business is pretty great, especially if smaller classes, a smaller campus, and lower tuition sound like they are up your alley. 
  3. You can start with a broad base of knowledge across all aspects of business in the AA. Then, if you want to continue to get your bachelor’s degree where you can work on your specialization, whether that’s accounting, marketing or finance.

Or, to put it another way: TMCC’s AA in Business is a win-win for students who are looking for a solid base of knowledge in this widely applicable major that can help you to find your professional future in nearly every industry. 

For more information about TMCC’s Business Program, contact the department at 775-673-7132.