September Good News

different types of TMCC gear
Rebecca A. Eckland

It’s time for some good news at TMCC, and this September our bookstore, Adult Basic Education program and Radiologic Technologist graduates have some amazing good news to share.

Follett Bookstore Launches

Now that you’re settled into your fall classes, we thought we would let you in on the latest fashion scoop: Lizard Green is this season’s black! And, just in time we have the perfect solution for you, whether you’re a TMCC fan, a soccer fan (or both): a new website where you can order all your custom TMCC swag.

Through a partnership with our on-campus bookstore (Follett), you can find the apparel you want—and need—at a reasonable price. Orders can be shipped directly to you (so there’s no waiting in line.)  If you’ve always wanted TMCC-logowear, but you haven’t been able to find your size or the color you wanted, this on-demand resource has you covered. 

In addition to shirts and sweatshirts, our online store offers a plethora of merchandise that will ensure that the world understands your TMCC Lizard fandom. Here are three of our favorite TMCC logoed items:

  1. Water bottles, coffee mugs, and glasses. Because hydration—and caffeine—are always important, and we have logoed water bottles, mugs, and glasses that deliver in both quality and style.  (Psst… the “Mom” and “Dad” mugs make great holiday gifts!) 
  2. Tailgate and Leisure. If barbeque is a noun, verb and guaranteed weekend activity, the “Tailgate and Leisure” page offers a treasure trove of goodies including logoed aprons, blankets, “master grill sets,” folding chairs and even a tent (perfect for creating a shady space at a TMCC Soccer game.) 
  3. Pet Supplies. Now your fur-babies can be fans of the Mighty Lizards, too with TMCC-branded pet bandanas, black dog t-shirts, and official TMCC water and food bowls. 

For more information on the TMCC Branded Merchandise, contact Follett’s customer service department at 1-877-471-5410. 

TMCC’s Adult Basic Education Program Helps Students Achieve Excellence

According to a recent monitoring report, the TMCC Adult Basic Education (ABE) Program achieved the highest Measurable Skill Gain Rate in the State of Nevada, with a gain of 54.4%. This is an increase of 14% from the prior year, and over 9% higher than other programs during the 2018-2019 academic year. 

The report, which measures program outcomes, performance & improvement, and several other data points, commended the ABE program, including its effective use of data for program design and to drive programmatic decision making. Additionally, 78% of students that are post-tested are making educational functioning level gains, compared to 60.2% for the state as a whole. 

The ABE program offers English as a Second Language (ESL) classes, literacy, high school equivalency preparation and college and career transition services. This grant-funded program offers students enrolled in any of its programs free resources that include tutoring in any subject, academic advising, educational planning, career counseling and electives such as citizenship preparation and conversation classes. 

For more information about TMCC’s Adult Basic Education Program, contact the department at 775-829-9044.

100% of Radiologic Technology Graduates Pass ARRT Exam

good news at tmcc

2019 Graduates from TMCC’s Radiologic Technology Program boast a 100% pass rate on their ARRT exam, continuing the program’s trend of exceeding the national average pass rate for RAD Tech programs since 2017.

The 2019 graduating class from the TMCC Radiologic Technology Program reported a 100% pass rate for the ARRT exam on their first attempt. The exam, which is the first step for Radiologic Technologists to become certified and registered, measures a graduate’s knowledge of the daily tasks that an entry-level technologist must know in order to perform their job duties. According to Interim Program Director Kimberly Harn, this test is vital to the careers of our graduates; if you don’t pass, chances are you won’t find a job until you do.

The ARRT Registry is a National Licensure that enables a Radiologic Technologist to work anywhere in the United States. The test, which is a culmination of everything a student learned in TMCC’s 21-month program, has 200 scored questions that must be answered within a 3.5-hour time limit. Successful test-takers are able to attach the letters “RT(R)” to their name when they pass the exam. 

“Our graduate pass rate for the registry exam is the best thing about our Rad Tech program at TMCC,” said Harn. “In 2017, we had 100% of our graduates pass the exam, and 100% of our graduates passed in 2018 as well. This is a national exam, and the national average for pass rates was 89.4% in 2017, and 89.5% in 2018. And, at TMCC, we continue to have a 100% pass rates for our graduates.” 

For more information about TMCC’s Radiologic Technology Program, contact the department at 775-850-4003.