TMCC Takes Another Step Toward Sustainability

TMCC Mascot Wizard and Dr. Karin Hilgersom
Rebecca A. Eckland

President Karin Hilgersom was recently appointed to the Second Nature Climate Leadership Steering Committee. Led by presidents and chancellors from colleges and universities, the Climate Leadership Steering Committee is the chief advisory body of the Climate Leadership Network, and assists in the facilitation of the sector’s knowledge and practical expertise to accelerate global climate action, rapidly reduce carbon pollution, and increase institutional and community resilience to climate hazards.

The Steering Committee is responsible for assisting Second Nature staff in the guidance, policy and strategic direction of the Network, and includes up to 25 individuals that reflect the diversity of higher education institutions and leadership.

Earlier this year, TMCC received an Honorable Mention from the 2018 Climate Leadership Award for its excellence in student preparedness. The award, which is supported through a partnership with Second Nature and the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) recognized our efforts to create educational opportunities inside and outside of the classroom to prepare students for climate change, the new green economy and partnerships which have created experiential learning opportunities that link our campus to the community.

TMCC’s strong commitment to climate action landed it among eight institutions nationwide that received recognition for meeting several key milestones that teach and support the next generation of 21st-century leaders.

As a member of the Second Nature Climate Leadership Steering Committee, Dr. Hilgersom will provide perspective and thought leadership for the higher education sector’s climate actions, providing strategic insights, facilitating relationships within and without of the network, advising and consulting in regards to climate action planning, reporting fulfillment and participating in public advocacy for climate action, among other duties.

On average, schools involved in the Climate Leadership Network produce 47% less carbon pollution and use 27% less energy than non-signatory institutions. Second Nature encourages institutions of higher education to embrace internal climate priorities, and at the same time understand how those priorities can reflect and support climate goals that transcend the campus’s physical boundary.

With this new leadership role, TMCC will continue to seek additional methods of sustainability efforts deployed through various strategies that will focus on practices, partnerships, and initiatives to confront climatic changes. Some of these initiatives include: TMCC’s status as WRN Ambassador through a strong partnership with NOAA, the TMCC “Green Team”—a coalition of TMCC faculty and staff who support the environmental sustainability and resiliency initiatives, energy efficiency through wind and solar power, recycling program, hydration stations and Wizard’s Warehouse to name a few examples.

For more information about TMCC’s efforts in promoting sustainable practices, contact the Equity, Inclusion and Sustainability Office at 775-673-7027.