Earn Your Degree at the Meadowood Center

Rebecca A. Eckland
meadowood center revised schedule

TMCC’s Meadowood Center has long been home to several of TMCC’s academic and workforce development programs, including Logistics Management, Hospitality and Tourism Management, and Massage Therapy. However, in order to complete a certificate or degree in any of these programs, students were required to travel to multiple learning sites, to take classes from early morning to late night and/or to delay their academic progress because it simply was not feasible to take a full load of courses due to scheduling constraints and conflicts.

Recently, Business and Social Sciences Dean Amy Williams revised when classes are offered to enable students to complete a degree or certificate program more easily. Changes to the Meadowood schedule include:

  • Transfer AA degrees can now be earned in classes offered during the day or evening;
  • General Education courses will no longer conflict with required courses for the specific degree, and;
  • All classes required for the degree will be offered at the Meadowood Center.

New Scheduling to Meet Your Goals

Here is an example of what this means: if you work a job during the day, but want to earn your Transfer AA degree, you can take night classes exclusively that go toward that degree at the Meadowood Center.

You will not have to go to any other learning site or the Dandini campus for a class that is required for your degree or certificate program. You will not have to take a morning class that interferes with your work schedule. Everything you need to complete the degree will be housed at Meadowood in a specific and regular number of hours.

Eleven Degrees Offered at the Meadowood Center

Specific degree programs this will impact include the following:

  • Associate of Arts Transfer degree (offered in day or evening)
  • Associate of Science Transfer degree (offered in day or evening)
  • Business Associate of Applied Science (offered during the day)
  • Business Associate of Arts (offered during the day)
  • Logistics, Certificate of Achievement (offered in the evening)
  • Logistics Associate degree (offered in the evening)
  • Logistics Operations Management, Bachelor of Applied Science (offered in the evening)
  • Hospitality and Tourism Management, Associate of Arts (offered in the evening)
  • Paralegal/Law, Associate of Applied Science (offered in the evening)
  • Massage Therapy Certificate of Achievement (offered in the evening)
  • Massage Therapy Entrepreneur, Associate of Applied Science (offered during the day)

These changes follow recent research that has shown that students who are in a cohort—who take classes together in pursuit of a degree—perform better academically and tend to have higher graduation rates than those who follow an independent path toward graduation. These changes will go into effect in the Fall of 2019, and will not be altered for two years.

Additionally, students will benefit from smaller class sizes in both the general education and degree-specific classes where they will encounter a richer instructor-to-student ratio. The Meadowood Center offers a smaller campus with ample parking.

For more information about the Meadowood Center, call 775-829-9004. For questions regarding specific degree program requirements, contact Academic Advising at 775-673-7062.