Resolve to Achieve Your Academic Goals

Rebecca A Eckland
Start your Countdown to Completion today by visiting the Academic Advising Center on campus!

Make the resolution to complete your degree at TMCC today! Stop into our Academic Advisement Center to learn how.

If your New Year’s resolution was to increase your earning potential, happiness and overall wellness by completing a degree or certificate program at TMCC, then this helpful Countdown to Completion is the perfect way to get started!

As you probably guessed, an essential step in achieving your academic goals is to complete the “Gateway courses” in English and Math. The reasoning behind this is actually based on research that clearly demonstrates that students who complete English and Math classes early in their college careers are also more likely to graduate.

This makes sense because Gateway classes contain essential life hacks everyone should know: like how to think critically about a problem, and how to articulate your ideas clearly and concisely. But, it gets even better: Math can make you better with budgeting, hone your analytical thinking and problem solving skills, and is applicable to nearly every career. It can even improve your baking or cooking skills (when dealing with conversions and changing the number of servings)! English isn’t only about reading and writing (although there is certainly that), it also develops your sense of empathy and insight, your power to persuade, an appreciation for diversity and will enable you to gain marketable skills that will equip you for a future of success.

Now that you’re on board with taking those English and Math classes, let’s get to the Countdown to Completion!

4. Run with the Requirements

Run, don’t walk to Academic Advisement and sign up for those English and Math classes! Our dedicated experts will direct you to the right ones that will keep you on track for your graduation goals. If you’re already enrolled, but think you want a different Math or English class, pop by the department, and they can fix your schedule to be just the way you like it. Just don’t get cold feet—once you’ve committed to your academic success, there’s no backing out of these core requirements.

3. Pick your Poison

So, you know what you’re going to do (take English and Math) but do you know how you’re going to do it? There are two ways to complete your degree: as a full time or a part time student. Students who take 15 [credits] to Finish complete their degrees in two years; however, if you’re more of a Six-is-Sufficient or Eight-is-Enough-student due to other commitments, we have targeted supports available to you through the Academic Advisement Center.

2. Meet your Mentor

Have a question about registration requirements for English or Math? Or, simply want to say “hello”? Keeping in touch with our mentor and academic advising staff as you work toward your degree can help you remain focused on your academic goals, and avoid unexpected delays in the progress toward success!

1. Promise to Persevere

The most important part of Gateway requirements? Completing them! In moments of doubt, play a track of inspirational music and visualize yourself crossing the stage of pomp and circumstance wearing a cap and gown. Then, turn off the tunes and get back to work completing those Gateway classes!

Need More Help?

If you still have questions or need some help, then take a trip down to the Academic Advisement Center for some expert advice—even though it’s Winter Break, the center is open and you don’t need an appointment (or to wait) to see an advisor. Academic Advisors will be available Jan. 14–Feb. 1 on a drop-in basis—no appointment necessary. They can also connect you to other campus resources like the Financial Aid office, which will have advisors available from 11 a.m.–1 p.m. during these days.

Unable to stop by in person? Contact the Academic Advisement Center or schedule a distance advising appointment through our videoconferencing platform.

What are you waiting for? It’s time to start your Countdown to Completion today!