Get the Most Out of WebCollege

Rebecca A. Eckland
WebCollege enables students to take classes anywhere and anytime

WebCollege enables students to take their classes on the go. And, with the Canvas App, you can even access your online classes with your mobile device.

Want to earn more credits before Spring Semester? WebCollege has got you covered

If all you want for Christmas this year is to complete one or more three-credit classes before spring, WebCollege has you covered. The Winter Semester, which runs from Dec. 26Jan. 17, offers you an extra opportunity to earn credits for your degree before the Spring Semester begins. The catch? These courses are exclusively online, and accessible only by WebCollege.

“Online classes are amazing!” said TMCC student Quetzali Zamorano. “I am able to get a lot more done with my personal life and they make it so much easier to manage my time. With the classes I've chosen, I've gotten the same educational value as my in-person classes. I definitely plan on continuing to take online classes!”

Faculty admit to the benefits of teaching in an online environment, too. Political Science Professor Dr. Paul Davis, who has been teaching online classes for over a decade, said: “I love teaching online because it allows me to connect with my students in a very personal, communicative environment. Online education benefits my students because it does not matter if they are introverted or extroverted. They know that I will read everything they write to me and encourage them in all my feedback. This leads to an increased achievement level by the students themselves, knowing that the professor cares greatly about their academic success.”

Are you always on the move? WebCollege offers degree programs that can be completed exclusively online

Students familiar with WebCollege say that the online platform makes it easier to balance the demands of school, work and family. Unlike classes that require your presence at a specific place, day and time, online courses enable a more flexible schedule. There are still due dates, but how you arrive at meeting them (working a little each day or longer work sessions that occur less frequently) is really up to you. However, students who are successful in online classes tend to set aside specific times each day to check into the online class to work and/or complete existing assignments.

This doesn’t mean that online classes are self-paced—there are firm deadlines for assignments, quizzes and exams, just like a normal class. Always refer to an instructor’s syllabus if you have questions about course expectations, deadlines and assignments. (You can also check out the Getting Started with WebCollege Guide.)

“I love teaching online for several reasons,” said Early Education Professor Crystal Swank. “I enjoy the challenge of developing a high quality learning experience for students in the online environment. Finding new ways to deliver content and engage students to assure their success in the course is very rewarding. I also love the flexibility online teaching and learning provides for my students. So many students are busy with life, work, family, and school. Online courses create learning opportunities for students who otherwise might not be able to continue their education.”

If you’re unsure about taking an online course at TMCC, check out our FAQs to see if this option is suited for you. Or, if you’re ready to get started, you might be interested in learning about the degree programs you can complete online.

Tips and Tricks: WebCollege has your back with its notifications feature

Do you like reminders and notifications to keep you on track? WebCollege notifications can be confirmed to notify you “right away,” daily, weekly or by utilizing Twitter or text message delivery. In order for the notifications to work, you’ll have to set up—and confirm—your contact methods in WebCollege/Canvas.

If you change your notification settings, they will apply to all the classes in your WebCollege; you can’t change notification settings for each individual course in which you’re enrolled. Yet, having that little extra reminder—whether it's daily or every hour on the hour—might make the difference in helping you keep assignments and other deadlines in mind.

If you have questions, here's how to change your notification settings.

Did you know there’s an app for that?

You probably already knew the answer to that question, but Canvas is available as an app for both your iPhone and Android. From the app, you can view your grades and course content and for the adventurous, even submit assignments. Download the Canvas Student App to experience the online learning environment on your mobile device.

For more information about WebCollege, call 775-673-7814.