Math Success Is Within Reach

K. Patricia Bouweraerts
Wizard at Podium in Math Classroom

Two unique math opportunities are designed to help students advance in college math courses, making quick work of “number problems.”

“Numerous studies have shown that students who complete their math early in their college career are much more likely to finish their degree,” said Professor Ted Lambert, PhD, Math Department Chair at Truckee Meadows Community College.

Confidence and success in math may also lead to a better income.

“Analysis of lifetime earning potential has shown that the higher the math class attained in college directly correlates to higher lifetime earning potential,” Dr. Lambert said.

First off this summer is the second annual “Drillz and $killz Math Refresher” workshop to be held in August, and the second opportunity is a new pathway from Math 95: Elementary Algebra to Math 120: Fundamentals of College Mathematics, bypassing Math 96: Intermediate Algebra.

Drillz and $killz Math Refresher

The Drillz and $kills workshop is a chance for students to brush up on basic concepts that may have been forgotten from earlier in their educational journey.

  • When: Monday–Friday, August 13–17, 9 a.m.–noon each day
  • Where: Dandini Campus, Sierra Building, room 108

“We’ll focus on arithmetic including fractions, ratios, percentages, and word problems,” Lambert said. “We will also cover some pre-algebra to better prepare students to succeed in Math 95.

Demonstrations are offered, students will work on individual problem solving, and group activities are planned during the workshop. Concepts needed to place into Math 95 on the ACCUPLACER test are included.

“Students who take the workshop and review the material covered can be confident they’re prepared both to place into Math 95, but also have a good, successful start to the course,” he added. “Without the course, a student may not know if they’re prepared, which can cause stress and anxiety.”

The workshop is a non-credit class. Tuition is $39, and materials cost $25, for a total of $64. Students may register at TMCC Workforce Development and Community Education (WDCE).

Quicker Pathway to Math 120

There is a new pathway that leads from Math 95 to Math 120 starting in Fall Semester.

Math 120 is typically a general education requirement for non-science, degree-seeking majors. Graphs are covered in Math 120, as well as geometry, essential finance concepts, probability and statistics, and other topics. This course also satisfies the University of Nevada, Reno core curriculum for many degrees at UNR.

Students who achieve an A or B in Math 95 will be able to progress directly to Math 120.

Lambert believes that success in math will help students in college, and also in life.

“The critical thinking skills taught in math help people better prepare and execute a plan for degree completion,” he said.

For more information about the new Math 95 to 120 pathway, please contact Academic Advisement, and for more on the Drillz and Skillz Refresher workshop, check with the TMCC Math Department at 775-673-7181.