The following restrictions on LISTSERV usage apply to all mailing lists at Truckee Meadows Community College.

List Member Consent and Removal

In most cases, list members must consent to being on your list(s). List owners must comply as soon as possible to requests from subscribers to be removed from lists. Faculty or administrative offices may use LISTSERV lists of students in a class, students of a particular major, staff in a particular department, etc. In cases such as these, a request to be removed from a LISTSERV list need not be honored by the list owner.

Mass Mailings

No mass unsolicited mailings are allowed. Under NO circumstances may addresses from Truckee Meadows Community College (TMCC) LISTSERV lists be compiled, collected or used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, other than mail regarding the topic of the list. The copyright to the subscriber list in its entirety is held by the list owner(s). Addresses may not be used for mass mailings ("spams") or databases without the express written permission of the individual subscriber. All lists are deemed to be "private", regardless of the Review= setting.

Under NO circumstances may addresses from Community College lists be compiled, collected or used for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial, other than mail regarding the topic of the list.


All lists must be owned or sponsored by a TMCC faculty or staff member to enforce responsible ownership of LISTSERV lists. By agreeing to own a LISTSERV list, the owner assumes the responsibility of day-to-day monitoring and operation of the list. It is the owner's job to ensure that the list continues to run smoothly, that college policies are adhered to, and that the stated objective(s) of the list are followed. The owner is expected to be the subscriber's contact when problems or questions regarding LISTSERV arise.

List Names

To prevent username and listname conflicts and to maintain consistency, "-L" will be added to list names, e.g., WEBDEV-L. List owners must work with LISTSERV Administration to ensure that the list name will not conflict with any existing lists, nor any list requests that may come up in the future. LISTSERV Administration reserves the right to name lists appropriately.

List names may only contain the characters A through Z, the numbers 0 through 9, and hyphen (-). List names may contain up to 32 characters, but it is strongly recommended that the name be kept in the eight to 12 character range.

Subscribers agree to hold TMCC and the list owners harmless for any opinions expressed on a LISTSERV mailing list. Opinions stated do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TMCC or the list owners.

Purpose and Participation Guidelines

List owners are expected to state the specific purpose of and participation guidelines for their lists in a welcome message to new subscribers. Subscribers will be issued at least one warning by the list owner when their postings fall outside the stated guidelines. If a subscriber continues to post inappropriately, the list owner may remove or moderate the subscriber at the owner's discretion. Complaints about the nature or requirements of the guidelines outlined for a specific list should be discussed with the list owner. The LISTSERV administration is available should the list owner need advice, suggestions or assistance with regards to appropriate guidelines.


The copyright to an individual posting made to any TMCC list is held by the individual poster. The copyright to the compilation of postings to any College list is held by the primary list owner/sponsor. Redistribution of the postings made to this list without the express written permission of the list owner is forbidden. All redistribution must include the original mail headers crediting the source of the material.


Requests for redistribution of individual list postings or any compilation of same must be given explicit approval by the copyright holder to be valid. Lack of response to a request shall not be considered an implied agreement.

Each semester, LISTSERV list owners will receive a renewal notice via email. To renew a list, owners must reply to this message by the date specified, or their list will be removed from the system.

Right to Remove Subscribers/Not Following Guidelines

Subscribers are expected to maintain standards of "netiquette". List owners have the right to remove any subscriber for breaching these guidelines or the guidelines outlined for an individual list at any time and without notice.

See Also: TMCC Telecommunications Use Policy