NSHE Northern Nevada Diversity Summit


Apr. 8, 2021, All Day




The TMCC Equity, Inclusion, and Sustainability Office, along with the Northern Nevada NSHE Institutions, invites you to the eighth annual Northern Nevada Diversity Summit, titled “No Going Back: Building Empowered and Resilient Communities.”

The theme for this year’s Summit was decided by the organizers, in consideration of the multiple and unique events experienced by our college communities and the nation, and in recognition of how varied those experiences have been and continue to be. The COVID-19 pandemic and the racial and social justice demands, all amid an extremely divisive political climate, are clear examples. This year, the Summit offers the opportunity to explore and advance those shared, and particular experiences, as well as longstanding and connected histories, in an effort to strengthen and advanced a broad spectrum of diverse, inclusive, and equity-guided understandings.