Financial Aid: Work-Study for Your Benefit

Student employee holds up fake cash at Financial Aid booth during OMG! Outrageous Money Games event.
Jared Libby

Much like being wrapped up in your favorite plush blanket on a snowy winter’s eve, it’s comforting to know that you have an extra layer of security on. TMCC’s Financial Aid Office can offer that same protection for your college education. Money comes to those who work for it, and there should be nothing holding you back from your ambitions. Our Financial Aid experts recognize how many students depend on scholarships, grants and other forms of financial assistance. Let us help you, too.

An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

Here’s one thought we should carry with us: College is more accessible now than it ever has been in its history. Whether you’re attending class in-person, virtually, or both, you have the capability to study what fascinates you in a genuine academic setting with valuable resources made available to you. So why not take advantage of one of those opportunities that has been around since before the Zoom days to get you started? You know what we’re talking about. Financial Aid, Scholarships and Student Employment are the monetary lifelines you can use to complete your program here at TMCC, and our specialists are more than willing to help you apply for that sweet relief you’re after.

LaTara Misher, Financial Aid Coordinator, discussed how becoming a student worker can provide an income without even leaving campus, and the role student workers play in sustaining campus unity.

“We invite students to apply for Work-Study on the FAFSA application, and celebrate those student employees, whom without their service, TMCC would not operate as smoothly. We are always hiring for on-campus jobs, so if students have completed their FAFSA forms, we encourage them to apply for Work-Study jobs,” Misher said.

Our Work-Study Program is a great way to gain job experience, and put some cash in your pocket, too. It also weaves you into the fabric of our community, and you’ll meet like-minded students who realize that no monetary amount can bar them from achieving their college goals. Your endgame is the same as ours, and crossing that finish line at Commencement will be oh so satisfying. We understand the cost of tuition can be daunting, but TMCC was designed with affordability in mind. Your knowledge is invaluable to us!

By choosing Work-Study, you'll land these advantages on campus:

  1. Flexible Work Schedule
    Strike a healthy balance between work and your classes.
  2. Free Parking/Transportation
    Working where you learn means you save money on gas or bus fees while commuting.
  3. Networking Opportunities
    Meet your next possible employer through the assortment of jobs listed.
  4. Competitive Wages
    Your caliber can earn some serious dough at the College.
  5. Professional Growth
    Is there anything better? Refine your talents in a skilled environment; a massive perk you’ll appreciate for the rest of your career.

If all this sounds like a terrific kickstart to blending college engagement with occupational expertise, that’s because it is. The next big event for you to participate in will be Financial Aid’s National Student Employment Week bash from April 10–14. Join us as we honor all of our student employees across every TMCC location, thanking them for their service through snacks, games, and above all, fun! With an outstretched hand, our advisors in Financial Aid will lift you up, contributing the wisdom and resourcefulness that every college student deserves.

Don’t forget about our convenient job board, Handshake, either! It’s a sensational recruiting platform connecting you, the College, and employers together. Just activate your account by logging in with your TMCC Canvas credentials, and score entry to a massive selection of positions intended for students.

If you already have a job on-campus or off, you may still be thinking about applying for Financial Aid. Don’t forget, we have helpful Steps to Apply for Financial Aid to ensure you don’t miss any opportunities. Need assistance? Stop in our office in the Red Mountain Building, room 315C.

For more information, please visit the Financial Aid, Scholarships and Student Employment website or call 775-673-7072.